EDWARDSVILLE — The Grinch may not be stealing Christmas this year, but he is contributing to the holiday decorations. The Grinch tree is among the best-selling holiday items at Goff & Dittman Florists, 1411 Troy, Suite A in Edwardsville. The business, which has been open for 71 years, moved from Granite City to Edwardsville in early November. Among the most popular items this year are miniature trees, including boxwood trees, which are made from boxwood and balsam and shaped into a tree form, with ornaments and flowers added. Another miniature tree is the Grinch tree, which is made from the bows of a cedar tree, with pine, balsam and decorations added. “It looks like it stepped out of a Dr. Seuss movie,” owner Rachel Clothier said. Appropriately enough when children are thinking about Santa Claus, floral customers are thinking about Santa’s favorite colors. “Anything red and white is a big seller this time of year,” Clothier said. “Once Thanksgiving happens, things really get busy for us. This year was a little different because Thanksgiving came a little later than normal, so we started to see it kick in the week of Thanksgiving.” Traditional favorites at Goff & Dittman include poinsettias, which are locally grown at a greenhouse in Godfrey. “Our poinsettias are really big and it’s one of the first things people notice when they come into our store,” Clothier said. “It’s curious that they are a Christmas flower because they are tropical, so they like to be warm. “They don’t like to get fussed with much, so you once poinsettias, you need to find a nice warm spot in your house that is not drafty. You just need to water it and leave it alone, and it will be completely happy for the rest of the holiday season. […]