HEATHER KHALIFA / Staff Photographer On a bright day during a dark time, florists brought a dose of unexpected wonder to Rittenhouse Square on Wednesday by giving away a thousand flowers to strangers — and decorating around the square with a thousand more. The flowers — beautiful but fleeting — could not be saved for the weddings and events they were intended to brighten, which have been postponed indefinitely because of the coronavirus . But these blossoms had life and could still bring joy, so florists Katie Robinson and Kerry Fabrizio decided to share them with the people of Philadelphia. As unsuspecting pedestrians — many of whom were out combating cabin fever — turned the corner and saw thousands of roses, daises, tulips, and lilies strewn across the ground at the 19th Street entrance to the park, they were overcome with emotion. “These are gorgeous flowers! Holy smokes almighty. Thank God for flowers!” said one passerby who bore a striking resemblance to Santa Claus. Like many small business owners, Robinson, 39, owner of DFW Event Design in Bensalem, and Fabrizio, 34, owner of Fabufloras in Center City, have been hit hard by the cancellations and closures. But instead of letting it keep them down, they wanted to bring others up. So they reached out to their wholesalers to ask if they’d be willing to donate the unused flowers. The women also contacted six decorators to help them create stunning arrangements for the park on site. Kerry Fabrizio, right, owner of Fabufloras, and Katie Robinson, left, owner of DFW Event Design, pick up flowers to make an installation at the park in Rittenhouse Square. The first truck of flowers arrived shortly after 11 a.m., with the next one close behind. Bouquets of free flowers for passersby were placed in buckets […]