“Dovetailing with the houseplant boom, using cut plant materials – many of which will root – in floral designs will make your arrangements cutting edge.”

The houseplant boom is alive and vibrant! But there are uses for houseplants other than room décor. Creative designers rejoice in using plants as cuts, and doing so can provide an interesting direction in your design for 2020. Two of these design options utilize floral foam (Reduce/Reuse), in which some plant cuttings will root, and the third is floral-foam free.


Growing Plant Design 2020
Of the nine plant materials I used in this design, four of them (Sedum, Dracaena, Kalanchoe and Crassula) will surprise you by taking root in the floral foam, dramatically extending the life of this design. Expanding the palette of cut foliage is possible by using potted plants.


New Hanging Garden of Babylon 2020
To create this design, I first attached multiple 4-inch clear water tubes, in select positions, to a vertical welded wire sculpture. Next, I inserted rooted rosary vine (Ceropegia woodii) and inch plant (Tradescantia zebrina) cuttings into the water tubes. Then I placed other plant cuttings into the tubes – cuttings that will potentially root within this hanging garden. Finally, I garnished this plant design with a few cut flowers to add some extra color.


Plant Wall Design 2020
I created this miniature fresh “plant wall” design arranging cut plant materials in two bricks of vertically positioned floral foam within a wood frame, with laterally crossing cork strips. It has the appearance of a fully established plant wall, only in a smaller floral-arrangement size. The placements of each component mimic a consciously random growing pattern.