When browsing through Eric Lim’s Instagram , quite noticeably you’ll find a plethora of flowers and plants in varying colours and types woven into each shot. Self-nicknamed the ‘flower boy’, the floral designer and founder of Flowerboy Studio is all about telling a story through a bouquet.

Striking while the iron is hot, the 26-year-old ventured into the flower business in 2019 after learning that the number of male florists in the industry is considerably low — an opportunity for him to stand out in a female-dominated field.

He stresses that being a florist doesn’t make you any less masculine — it is a sense of aesthetics and artistry that you get to develop along the way. Every flower arrangement and bouquet is an expression of your unique codes, and it is something that nobody can take away from you.

Much like having a fashion sense, one can be taught of the art of styling but one’s own sense of style cannot be taken away. It is an influence that has the power to create a rippling effect — mostly in a positive way — and that is what Eric aspires to do through his line of work, one bouquet at a time.

Despite the rain on the day of the shoot, the colours on his work table — festooned with blooming daisies, chamomile, roses and dancing lady orchids — radiate an energetic yet effortless vibe. Dressed in the latest pieces from Dior Men Fall 2020 collection , Eric exemplifies style and substance through his own unique sense of whimsy — true to his Capricorn traits. We spent an entire afternoon at his studio talking about inspirations and aspirations as he shares the importance of developing a personal sense of style.

I nicknamed myself ‘flower boy’ not because I was sucked into the once-famous Korean pop culture trend. It is something that rings with me as a young entrepreneur and discovering that the number of male florists in the industry is considerably lesser. with that simple mindset, I decided to be that ‘flower boy’.

Besides working on my bouquets and floral arrangements, I also provide workshops and classes for those who are keen to master this craft. I was privileged to hone my skills in Taiwan before starting this business. Before that, I was a graphic designer designing album covers for artists.

I personally find the act of floral arrangement very therapeutic. I was a very impatient person, always finding that things aren’t going the way I want them to. But since I’ve started my journey in floral arrangement, I realised that my patience has improved significantly. When I worked in an advertising agency previously, I always wanted to learn something new, which was why I decided to pick up floral arrangement. Initially, I only intended to learn a new skill, but I’ve never thought that I’d love it so much and end up making a living from it. With this passion I have for floral arrangement, I want to share what I’ve learned to more […]