The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) has conducted groundbreaking research to identify the scent components of lisianthus flowers, which were previously considered scentless. This breakthrough is the first of its kind globally and lays the groundwork for breeding fragrant lisianthus varieties, enhancing their appeal.

pink lisianthus

Fragrance is a key factor for consumers when purchasing cut flowers, as highlighted by research from the Council for Japanese Flower Production and Distribution Enhancement. Lisianthus is a popular cut flower in Japan and internationally due to its diverse colors, shapes, and long vase life. Japanese-grown lisianthus seeds hold a significant share of the global market. Despite its popularity, lisianthus typically lacks a strong scent, with most cultivars being scentless.

NARO’s analysis of the “New Lination White” lisianthus, which has a faint sweet scent, identified 36 scent components. This research is essential for breeding new fragrant lisianthus varieties, potentially increasing their market value and attractiveness both in Japan and worldwide.

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bouquet with lisianthus