“Flowers and foliage among nestled eggs capture spring’s sense of renewal. Floral design and photos by Lori McNorton”

This creative design is a visual elixir for those yearning for the next warmer season and LEARN HOW the flowers and foliage happily signal its arrival. Soft pastel hues, delicate blooms and small leaves emerge unexpectedly from among eggs and textural elements reminiscent of a nest or favorite basket.

The nuances to achieving this just-lifted-from-nature look lie in the combinations and mixed-use applications of flowers and plants as well as the tension created between the eggshells’ smooth surfaces and the untamed movement of the sisal fiber surrounding them. Florists’ Review’s Floral Design Coordinator Lori McNorton shares her steps for creating a design that celebrates our collective excitement for the countdown to spring.


Spray Alstroemeria ‘Florinca’ from HilverdaKooij; blue-flowered milkweed (Oxypetalum caeruleum/ Tweedia caerulea), waxflower (Chamelaucium spp.) and assorted 2-inch plants from suppliers of your choice; Oasis 2” Medallion Lace, UGlu Adhesive Dashes and Oasis Floral Foam Maxlife from Smithers-Oasis North America; Natural Sisal Fiber from Harvest Import; round paper box from craft store; brown eggs from grocery store.


Step 1: Adhere a border of medallion cotton lace ribbon around the top of a round paper box with glue dashes, leaving approximately ¼” of the edge of the ribbon extending above the rim of the container.

Step 2: Crack one end of each of five eggs enough to drain the contents, then rinse the inside of each egg. Insert small squares of hydrated floral foam into three of the eggshells. Leave two eggshells empty for the plant insertions.

Step 3: Place one 2” plant into each of the two eggs without floral foam.

Step 4: Arrange Alstroemeria, Tweedia and waxflower into the eggs with the foam – one flower type per egg.

Step 5: Place sisal fiber into the bottom of the paper box. Place the flower- and plant-filled eggs into the box. Add extra empty eggs to fill space, if necessary.