“Flowers make us happy and we wanted to provide an online floral store that would add beauty not only to people’s lives but to the lives of the ones around you as well, in a simple, yet luxurious way” In November 2018, four Saudis came up with the idea of starting a floral business because “a bouquet of flowers is a symbol of care and appreciation.” And so the luxurious online floral shop Hues was born. The four partners all have different roles. Tala Bakhsh, who holds an MA in Cultural and Creative Industries from King’s College London and a diploma in the art of floral composition from Catherine Muller Flower School in London, is Hues’ specialist florist. Maryam Abduljawad, who has a bachelor’s degree in visual communication and arts with an emphasis in studio art in Lugano, Switzerland, is its creative florist. Sultana Binladen, who holds a master’s degree in events and conference management from London and is an aromatherapist and marketing and graphic design specialist, serves as Hues’ events and coordination manager. Lastly, Mashael Binladen, a postgraduate in international business with emphasis in entrepreneurship, is its floral arrangements specialist. “We were discussing ideas for businesses within art and education. All we had in common was a love for handwork and art. While conversing, the idea of flowers came up, which the four of us are passionate about,” they told Arab News in an email. There are a few online flower businesses in the Kingdom but what makes Hues stand out is their monthly and weekly subscriptions can be tailored to the customer’s needs, such as for the home or office. “During the first couple of months we realized how people were looking for reasonable prices, as well as […]