Paint a picture-worthy tabletop by creating this fun and playful grouping of floral cocktails perfect for your clients’ next summertime parties!

Step 1

Carve cylindrical pieces of OASIS Midnight Floral Foam to fit inside highball glasses. Roll the edges of the floral-foam cylinders on a tabletop to create smooth surfaces. Soak the foam cylinders in flower-food solution, and place two into each highball glass, to fill each glass.

Step 2

Create multiple bands of ribbons around each vase. Secure the ribbons with OASIS UGlu Adhesive Dashes. Vary the positions, and overlap some.

Step 3

Insert a wood skewer into the floal foam in each glass, at a angle, and place decorative straws over the skewers.

Step 4

Soak OASIS Midollino Sticks in water for a minute. Tie loose knots into small bundles of four or five Midollino Sticks, to create fun swizzle sticks, and add them to each “cocktail.” Arrange ‘Princess Aiko’ Japanese Garden Roses and ‘Wasabi’ garden spray roses, from Alexandra Farms, into each glass.

Step 5

Finish each “cocktail” by adding a few stems of billy buttons and Hypericum to each glass. Set the glasses atop a serving tray and some tropical leaves, to complete this fun composite centerpiece.