The holiday season has begun as florists are working hard this week to create fabulous flowers for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. Here is some inspiration for all of you hard-working florists. Wishing you all a holiday filled with family, food, and flowers.

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A Gathering of Gorge Thanksgiving Florals

flowerpowerdaily Jill Brooke

Across the country, talented artists in floral shops are assembling arrangements for clients celebrating Thanksgiving.

Flowers are meant to bring pleasure not only for the traditional Thursday feast. These creative floral arrangements will last beyond turkey day and become eye candy and comfort throughout the week as people entertain family, college students, nieces, nephews, grandparents and visiting friends who stop in for leftovers and conversation.

There were several trends noted this season. Theresa Colucci of Meadowscent Florists in New Paltz, New York gravitated towards Brassica, ornamental kale. The variety of eucalyptus leaves also offered many artists a whole new palette to create festive arrangements. We also saw many toffee-toned roses, which have become more popular with breeders this holiday season, offering a modern look. Similarly, many growers have begun specializing in late-season pastels, soft peach Matsumoto asters, dahlias in a range of whites and light pinks, ivory calla lilies, ranunculus ranging from peach to pale watermelon, and pale peach roses. These offer florists an alternative to the brash yellow-orange fall bouquet that often centers a Thanksgiving table. Anthurium in this tone was used by Botanique, nyc.  I also loved how Madeline’s Flower Shop in Edmond, Oklahoma used soft peach anthurium mixed with cognac roses for a lovely effect – and also used succulents, which are so popular now with painted pumpkins.  Deborah Hunter’s color scheme from Worship Luxury along with Carrie Cassidy-Struble of the Flower Diva in Pineville, North Carolina, did use bright colors to great effect. I loved the cognac cymbidiums and spherical thistles and burnt orange callas used in this arrangement.

We at Flower Power Daily salute all this creative output and offer this gallery of beautiful florals for you to enjoy all year. – Jill Brooke

Winston Flowers – Boston, Massachusetts, New York City

Meadowscent by Theresa Colucci – New Paltz, New York

The Flower Diva by Carrie Cassidy-Struble, Pineville, North Carolina

Damselfly Designs  Wilton, Connecticut; Manhattan; South Salem, New York

Blumz – Ferndale, Michigan

Worship Luxury by Deborah Hunter – New York City

Design of the Times – Melbourne, Florida

Madeline’s Flower Shop – Edmond, Oklahoma

Billy Heroman’s – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Longmont Florist – Longmont, Colorado