Forget everything you thought you knew about floristry, because there’s a new wave of names injecting contemporary energy into the blooms we can buy on the high street, as well as those we take inspiration from on our Instagram feeds. Gone are the days of slightly sad bunches of carnations or a dozen classic (if boring) red roses being the only options to consider. These new-gen florists, who mostly work out of London, are picking blooms that deliver a fresh take on arrangements, and masterminding events that allow their creativity to run wild. Among those leading the charge are Iona Mathieson and Romy St Clair of Sage . Together, these two have created a flourishing business that means they can now call Glossier, Gucci and even Nando’s clients, in addition to manning their own modern take on a florist on Peckham’s Rye Lane. Their work is vibrant, focuses on what’s available locally, and incorporates unusual varieties that swerve the constraints of traditional arrangements. Prior to joining forces for Sage, Iona and Romy had careers in restaurants and management consultancy, but found their true vocation in altogether more fragrant work. “I’ve always loved flowers and often bought bunches, took them apart and put them back together the way I liked,” Iona tells Miss Vogue . I was moving back to London after living abroad and realised it could be a viable career.” Romy, meanwhile, was eager to leave her corporate role and explore something creative. “I was desperate to get out of what I was doing and work with like-minded people,” she says. “I approached interior designers, architects and florists – floristry was the industry that stuck.” But don’t be fooled into assuming this is a job for those that long to spend languid days pondering which dahlia goes with […]