Award-winning design created during the flower and art festival in Ksiaz Castle, Poland.

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A Storm of Sky Blue and Bright White

I’m honored to talk about my award-winning design created during the flower and art festival in Ksiaz Castle.

By: ZBIGNIEW DZIWULSKI | 10-01-2024 | 3 min read

The Flower and Art Festival held annually at the Ksiaz Castle in Wałbrzych, is an intriguing event that attracts flower and plant enthusiasts within and outside Poland. The 2023 festival, which was built around the theme ‘World of Legends and Magic’ saw an immense of talented floral designers take part in the creation of impeccable designs in the garden and rooms within the castle.

I was honored to be among the headlining designers for the festival and here is a quick peek into my award-winning floral arrangement in the 2024 Floral Trend Colors Sky Blue and Bright White, which I presented during the festival.

Lessons Learned From the Stormy Seas

‘Storm’ is the title of the arrangement created during the 2023 Flower Festival at the Ksiaz Castle in Wałbrzych. During the Festival, many castle chambers and spaces were decorated with flowers and arrangements related to the life and activities of the most famous resident of the castle – Duchess Daisy.

One of the rooms where I had the pleasure of decorating and coordinating floral works was the Gold Room on the 3rd floor of the castle. A beautiful space, with many gildings and a rich history, and therefore also demanding. With this type of interior, it is important to respect the decor and history.


The inspiration for my flower design was Princess Daisy’s diaries and the words she wrote down – nothing shows me the essence of existence more than a storm at sea. In my work, I tried to present the turbulence of storm waves and the unpredictability and beauty of nature with flowers.  the wave structure was made of birch shoots intricately connected to create a stable base for placing the flowers.


The arrangement was in the tones of white, navy blue, gray, and turquoise, i.e. the colors of stormy waves. This project included delphiniums, hydrangeas, carnations, as well as limonium and gypsophila, which were supposed to refer to foamy water waves. The arrangement was admired by tens of thousands of visitors to the castle.


Tourists took part in the voting for the best arrangement. Ultimately, the Storm won first place in the tourists’ vote and also the Special Award of the castle employees.  it was a huge success for my entire team of assistants and the Association of Polish Florists that we represented.

A Stage Rich in History and Heritage

It was a pleasure to participate during the Flower and Art Festival, alongside talented and incredible designers. It is such a great fulfillment to contribute to that amazing ‘flower feeling’ and amazing moments that come forth from them. Through several designs presented, including my own ‘Storm’, every visitor was amazed and enjoyed the beauty and magical touch of blooms.


I would like to express my thanks to the castle management for the trust they placed in me, allowing me to work during the Festival. Great appreciation for the work and talent of the assistants – Anna Gliwa, Anna Plecety, Małgorzata Wróblewska-Tylus, Magdalena Płoskonka, Magdalena Żukowicz, and Piotr Konieczny.

Photos by Marcin Czech.