A study of five major trends influencing floral design this year

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Embark with Florists’ Review on a journey into the future of floral trends across North America, drawing inspiration from the perpetual passage of time. This year’s “American Floral Trends Forecast” derives its creative spark from the special moments that can be savored daily, from the early morning dawn to the quietude of midnight and beyond. Within this report, we unveil five all-new trends—“Matutine, ” “Arvo,” “Postmeridian, ” “Evenfall” and “Ante Meridian”—each encapsulating the essence of a specific time of day, promising versatility that can be adapted into a range of flower business types.

Modeled after distinct times of the day—early morning, noontime, afternoon, evening and late night—each trend sources inspiration from its unique context, offering myriad possibilities for creative adaptation. To illuminate these emerging trends, Florists’ Review gathered the brilliance of industry leaders, including retail florists, studio florists, suppliers, flower breeders, flower farmers and educators. Through their insights, a vibrant tapestry of creativity unfolded, with each trend capturing a distinct facet of floristry. Whether challenging conventional norms, starting a rebellion of colors, embracing the power of mood or harnessing energy through the language of flowers, floral professionals can anticipate a transformative landscape in the approaching year.

As we traverse through the realms of “Matutine,” “Arvo,” “Postmeridian, ” “Evenfall” and “Ante Meridian,” the kaleidoscopic array of trends promises an exciting evolution within the flower industry. Each trend not only reflects the changing tastes and preferences of consumers but also mirrors the industry’s collective yearning for innovation and beauty. In the coming year, floral designers will have the opportunity to revel in a tapestry of trends that captivate the imagination, infusing their creations with diverse inspirations drawn from the rich palette of time itself.

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Antique Rose Floral Headpiece Design - Jennifer DeRossett Model Lillian Parham Photographer Kaci Moran HMU Graham Tyler Coordinator Monique with Ohhlala Events and Co.

Elegantly christened “Matutine,” meaning early morning, this emerging trend evokes a sublime sense of freshness reminiscent of the first streaks of crystalline blue washing across the morning sky. In our preliminary research, creative leaders ,selected from within the floral industry, agreed on a singular rising trend that shall undoubtedly command attention in 2024—the resplendence of blue flowers! Implementation of this trend, naturally, assumes a flexibility to variation suitable to all professionals in the floral industry, from retail florists to designers of large-scale events.

Antique Rose Floral Headpiece Design – Jennifer DeRossett Model Lillian Parham Photographer Kaci Moran HMU Graham Tyler Coordinator Monique with Ohhlala Events and Co
Antique Rose Floral Headpiece Design – Jennifer DeRossett Model Lillian Parham Photographer Kaci Moran HMU Graham Tyler Coordinator Monique with Ohhlala Events and Co.
flowers by renny and reed, planning by Easton house, photo by Patricia Lyons photography
flowers by renny and reed, planning by Easton house, photo by Patricia Lyons photography

For esteemed retail florists, blue blooms, such as sweet-scented hyacinths, towering Delphinium and exuberant masses of Hydrangea, are recommended to freshen your floral compositions. To appeal to the sensibilities of retail customers, floral designers should deftly balance blue flowers with accents of sunshine yellow and fluttering touches of white, nestled in the verdant embrace of graceful greenery such as Italian Ruscus. In the Matutine trend, wedding and event floral designs will draw inspiration from the stylistic sensibilities of the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, with its devotion to manicured natural beauty.

Tweedia - Sky Blue - Alexandra farms
Tweedia – Sky Blue – Alexandra farms
sunshine-delphinium ballSB
sunshine-delphinium ballSB
sapphire Bluocean Chrsanthemums by Suntory Flowers
sapphire Bluocean Chrysanthemums by Suntory Flowers
Juliska Country Estate Delft Tulipiere
Juliska Country Estate Delft Tulipiere

In stark contrast to recent trends that favored heavy frameworks as foundational mechanics for installations, this aesthetic asks you to align your design practice with the intrinsic features of the host venue. Instead of creating something from nothing, designers working within this trend will use their discerning eyes to spot the most fabulous features of their host spaces and come to clients with the fantastic ideas to make them even better. Trained vines will serve as a regal canvas for blue color-blocked flowers, gently cascading around doorways, ascending stair railings and framing fountains with an aura of fairy-tale romance. When transported to outdoor gardens for alfresco affairs, ethereal archways devoid of visible timber or mechanics will reign supreme. Appearing in this trend, we will see the emergence of low clusters of loosely arranged greenery, adorned resplendent blue Delphinium, Tweedia/Oxypetalum and dyed reflexed tulips. To create a natural feeling of unpretentious charm, these aisleway mounds look especially lovely when accentuated by joyful flutters of feverfew, emulating the allure of a flourishing garden and transforming intimate spaces into veritable oases that exude the optimistic essence of a new day.

passiflora design studio, model Britton Allen, photo by Jenny Haas
Passiflora Design Studio, model Britton Allen, photo by Jenny Haas
flowers by Azariade photo by capturedbyclaudine
Flowers by Azariade
photo by capturedbyclaudine

For purveyors of editorial finesse and commercial flower stylists, we proffer the refined suggestion of diminishing the presence of supporting blooms in white and yellow, opting, instead, for impeccably orchestrated monochromatic blue ensembles. This juxtaposition of strikingly saturated blue hues within a context of romantic arrangements—a regrettably absent spectacle in recent years—is poised to ascend to preeminence in this year, heralding an era of elevated sophistication in floral artistry.

Vases by Jamali Garden Supplies
Vases by Jamali Garden Supplies

INSPIRATION: French Regency-period design

COLOR PALETTE: Blue dominant, with accents of yellow and white

FLORAL ELEMENTS: Luxurious blue blooms, including hyacinths, Hydrangea, Delphinium, Tweedia/Oxypetalum, sweet peas and Clematis; supporting flowers in white and yellow; meadowy/vining greenery

IDEAL USE: Wedding flowers

hydrangea shocking blue, mayesh
Hydrangea shocking blue, from Mayesh

Trend 2: ARVO

flowers by bloom boy Photographer_ Griffin Simm (Insta @griffinsimm) Styling_ Thank You, Baby (Insta @tybb.studio)
flowers by bloom boy Photographer_ Griffin Simm (Insta @griffinsimm) Styling_ Thank You, Baby (Insta @tybb.studio)

“Arvo,” meaning midday, draws its inspiration from the energy of Y2K-era fashion, reimagined by a rising generation of young designers and consumers now hitting their stride as young professionals. Practitioners of this style excel at creating a rule-set remixed to be entirely their own, informed by the disruptive-most trends of days gone by. Although the “Arvo” aesthetic is visually polarized, it is essential to keep in mind that this look is designed to be as enjoyable for consumers at home as it is for floral designers to craft on the bench, with its free-spirited use of color and composition.

flowers by OneBouquet photo by Asya Belova model Alina Keller
flowers by OneBouquet photo by Asya Belova model Alina Keller

The essence of “Arvo” can be channeled into a multitude of colors and is not meant to be harnessed into a single focal color. However, to simplify visualizing the “Arvo” trend, we have chosen an opaque pink-to-red analogous color palette to illustrate this new school of thought. To transition from monochromatic to analogous, one will notice restrained reaches outside the pink and red range of colors, to neighboring hues such as near-white powder pink of Ranunculus, orangy coral peonies and rich fuchsia Phalaenopsis orchids.

Millicent pink rose by david austin
Millicent by David Austin Available from Alexandra Farms
Photo Credit: Mayesh

A defining trait of this trend, in stark contrast to the late 2010s and early 2020s, is a newfound embrace of negative space. Grandiose and imposing blocks of densely packed flowers, formerly dominant as “flower walls” in the luxury wedding space, have given way to multimedia environments of densely packed pigmentation. Flowers now have the space to be seen individually, playing important roles in the overall visual landscape, akin to notes in a song. Key ingredients in these compositions go beyond flowers, bringing lots of cleanly hemmed draping, ribbons, candles, streamers and feathery plumes.

14 OSTRICH FEATHER SPRAY, floral supply syndicate
14 OSTRICH FEATHER SPRAY, Floral Supply Syndicate
1.75 INCH FROG by Fitz Design

For fashion-forward wedding clients seeking a rock-and-roll attitude, the “Arvo” trend sets the tone of happy rebellion in an explosion of color. Bridal bouquets defy traditional shapes, welcoming the creative exercises long practiced by floral designers dueling on the competition circuit. Anticipate long tablescapes adorned with low table arrangements accented by flowers of stem length placed individually. Aligning with the spirit of appreciating what was underappreciated by previous trends, “Arvo” professes its love for red hybrid tea roses, bubblegum-hued carnations, lively Gerbera and silky satin ribbons, all in a radical declaration of affection.

disco bottles of buds by wildflora
disco bottles of buds by wildflora

More than any other application, we believe the “Arvo” trend shines brightest when making space to integrate everyday flowers into the fabric of life. With its emphasis on creating a low barrier to entry through the use of affordable flower types, scalability to smaller vases and enticing colors that grab at consumers. This trend is all about celebrating the young and the restless, turning every space into a rockstar venue. It’s not just a trend; it’s a flower-powered rebellion, and we’re all invited to join the party.

BLUSHED URBAN SQUARE vase by accent decor
BLUSHED URBAN SQUARE vase by accent decor
Pink Candelabra - Pink by slant collection via faire
Pink Candelabra – Pink by slant collection via faire

INSPIRATION: Youth culture

COLOR PALETTE: Analogous color palette with a pink focus

FLORAL ELEMENTS: Powder-pink Ranunculus; pink and orangy-coral peonies, red roses, pink Anthurium, fuchsia Phalaenopsis, peonies, Astilbe, bubblegum-hued carnations, lively Gerbera in related colors, satin ribbons and feathery plume grasses

IDEAL USE: Everyday arrangements

Jamali Garden La Fete en Rose Vintage Pink Ribbed Cylinder


Every day, immediately following our lunch breaks and just before we wind down for the evening, we immerse ourselves in the postmeridian magic—that special time in the late afternoon when life is bathed in soft golden hues. It’s a moment when time slows and even the most commonplace things, such as dust particles, twirl in the milky sunlight, acquiring a magical quality. Welcome to the “Postmeridian” trend, an homage to this enchanting moment through the exploration of color and approach.

jean pascal
Jean Pascal
flowers by The Flowerslinger
Design by Brittany Murray, The Flowerslinger
photo by Doug Murray

In the “Postmeridian” aesthetic, coined by us as the “Postmeridian glow-up,” we’ve witnessed an upward trend in floristry seamlessly harmonizing with the play of sunlight. The luminaries of floral artistry wield simple materials like grass strands and shaggy moss, transforming them into sculptural masterpieces, demanding the careful attention of an audience. By employing insignificant materials and multiplying them by mass and focusing their power through artistic manipulation, floral artistry is realized. Braided grass assumes the spotlight as the anchoring canvas while unripe fruits and visually complex flowering vegetables, such as closed artichoke heads, Brassica and Allium, cluster together, creating a subdued yet captivating drama.

Colors in this trend seep across the neutral spectrum, reaching from beige into velvety deep greens. To prevent boredom, an intentional touch of drama is introduced with a zap of yellow-green focal flora upfront, commanding attention. Jumping from the “Postmeridian” flower bucket are green hellebores, Anthurium, Zinnia and Eustoma/Lisianthus, all adorned in a captivating vernal palette. Recommended supporting flowers include delicate mock orange blossoms with sunny centers and petite daisies.

lime queen zinna, johnnys seeds
lime queen zinna, Johnnys Seeds

When considering the application of the “Postmeridian” trend for retail clients, the key lies in translating its sophisticated charm into accessible and appealing arrangements. For retail shops aiming to captivate their customers with the “Postmeridian” allure, we recommend curating arrangements that showcase the serene and accepting qualities of this style. Incorporating elements like braided palm frond leaflets as a foundational element can add a touch of understated elegance, and adding an unexpected piece of woody branch can bring a unique and captivating drama. The color palette can be adapted to suit the preferences of a diverse clientele. Retail florists can experiment with temperate-climate flowers, such as bells-of-Ireland, in this youthful, fresh and modern palette, creating arrangements that not only capture the essence of “Postmeridian” magic but also appeal to the tastes of their customers. This trend, with its nod to sustainability, can elevate the retail floral experience, inviting customers to embrace the beauty of the everyday through thoughtfully crafted and visually stunning arrangements not available in mass-market floral stalls.


For wedding and event florists, the “Postmeridian” trend is a sophisticated suggestion for modern and minimalist-minded clients. Low table-runner arrangements, resembling floral poetry, initiate conversations. Envision floating cloud-style floral installations, sustainable marvels that add an intriguing touch to boxy and plain wedding venues. Flowers styled in the “Postmeridian” fashion instill a sense of serene acceptance in any space they grace, making them an ideal fit for corporate floral clients. Whether elevating an art gallery or welcoming spa-goers to a day of indulgence, the technical prowess of floral design techniques coupled with a neutral palette create an irresistible desire to savor beauty, just as we do during the golden hour.

floral frogs by bloomist.
floral frogs by bloomist

INSPIRATION: Ecomodernism

COLOR PALETTE: Analogous hues from greenish neutrals to limey yellow

FLORAL ELEMENTS: ‘Queen Lime’ Zinnia; green orchids, hellebores, Eustoma/Lisianthus and Anthurium; bells-of-Ireland; soft dried grasses, braided grasses and palm fronds; unripe fruits and visually complex flowering vegetables; mosses

IDEAL USE: Everyday arrangements, wedding flowers and event décor

IZAMAL VASE, by accent decor
IZAMAL VASE, by Accent Decor


Blue Jasmine Floral

Inspired by the beautiful tapestry of an evenfall sky, casting dark shadows in opposition to radiant hues of peach and coral as the sun gracefully retreats, this trend draws its inspiration from our earthly canvas, painted with the ethereal glow of a fleshy peach-toned rose. It is the sincere aim of this trend to capture the essence of twilight’s tender moments. Holding closely each velveteen petal as it becomes a brushstroke, delicately blending into the canvas of the evening, as dusk welcomes us to light the candles and pour the wine, “Evenfall” celebrates the beauty of the fading day as the richness of night unveils itself in the gentle embrace of nature’s palette.

Gilberto Espinoza Freihoff, dogwood and fir
Gilberto Espinoza Freihoff, Dogwood and Fir

Before the luminaries at Pantone announced it, our expert panel of floral trend predictors called it first. In 2024 consumers will be longing for the warmth and comfort of “Peach Fuzz” (Pantone 13-1023), a luscious, soft pinkish-orange hue. In the floral space, we will see this manifest as an appreciation for fleshy tones roses such as ‘RP Moab’, ‘Quicksand’, ‘Maple Syrup’ and other similarly hued roses, moving away from the ghostly gray tones that commanded attention in recent years. To help these focal flowers shine, florists may heavily employ seasonally available garnet-hued blossoms such as tulips, Anemone and sweet peas. In the “Evenfall” trend, foliage will be used sparingly and with meticulous intention. Vessels will be kept out of focus, in harmony with the overall design of a flower composition. Glazed neutral-tone vases with a low profile and open mouths will serve as excellent choices for designers wanting to harness the full romantic allure of this look.

RP Moab by Rosaprima

To seamlessly adapt the “Evenfall” trend for retail flower arrangements, it’s essential to prioritize the lush and comforting hue variations of “Peach Fuzz,” Pantone’s “2024 Color of the Year,” which is poised to dominate consumer preferences this year. If premium garden roses may be unsuitable for everyday designs, consider alternatives such as hybrid carnations, Lisianthus, and tulips available in this warm color range. Enhance focal flowers with seasonally available gem-toned blossoms such as Ranunculus, Alstroemeria and spray roses, to create contrast. In line with the “Evenfall” aesthetic, keep the focus on the flowers, but employ foliage that adds mass and interest such as red/brown Galax and variegated green/red/brown geranium leaves. This approach ensures that your everyday arrangements not only embody the romantic allure of the “Evenfall” trend but also arrive as a cost-effective visual delight, ready to infuse warmth into the recipient’s space.

pocket square
Flowers: Pomp & Splendour @pompandsplendour Photography: Kyra Boyer @kyraboyerweddings Suits: Suitably @suitably_au Couple: Az & Jamie from Haus of Cruze @hausofcruze Venue: Cactus Country @cactuscountry

For event florists, the “Evenfall” trend is set to grace luxury weddings with an intimate and sophisticated ambiance in 2024. In anticipation of warmer sensibilities taking center stage, in this wave we urge you to begin reserving ‘RP Moab’, ‘Quicksand’, ‘Maple Syrup’ and other similarly hued roses now. Weddings of all sizes will witness an infusion of warmth through the heavy use of historically meaningful flowers such as Dahlia, sweet peas, tulips and Ranunculus. Foliage will play a supporting role, covering mechanics on floating and suspended chicken wire installations, allowing the focal flowers to exude their romantic allure. Vessels, selected with precision, will feature soft and burnished brassy tones, maintaining a low profile to foster guest experience at long tables, exuding a sense of approachable exclusivity. This trend promises to elevate the aesthetic of weddings in 2024, creating an enchanting atmosphere of timeless elegance.

the flower girl perth
The Flower Girl Perth

The “Evenfall” trend, inspired by the breathtaking canvas of an evening sky, comes full circle to its theme of twilight’s tender moments. Drawing from the ethereal glow of fleshy peach-hued roses, this trend encapsulates the essence of the evenfall time of day. Whether for retail flower arrangements or designs for luxury weddings, the transition to “Evenfall” involves a mindful selection of flowers and foliage. This trend promises to infuse warmth and sophistication, creating an enchanting atmosphere that transcends fleeting moments into canon moment.

boutstix floral  magnets
Boutstix floral magnets

INSPIRATION: Heirloom and estate jewelry

COLOR PALETTE: fleshy peach, garnet and other gemstone hues,

‘Moab’ roses, peach Dahlia, burgundy Anemone,

FLORAL ELEMENTS: Focal flowers are flesh/sand/pale peach hues, including roses such as ‘RP Moab’, Quicksand’, ‘Kahala’, ‘Sahara’ and ‘Sahara Sensation’, ‘Camel’, ‘Combo’, ‘Golden Mustard’, ‘Toffee’ and ‘Maple Syrup’, as well as hybrid carnations, Eustoma/Lisianthus, Anemone, Ranunculus, Dahlia, tulips and sweet peas in related hues. Secondary botanicals include like flowers in garnet and dark gemstone hues and foliages in dark shades of red and brown.

IDEAL USE: At the table, for homes and events

floral and creative by all for love london photo by Katie julia
floral and creative by All for Love London
photo by Katie julia


PM flowers
PM flowers

In homage to that elusive sense of genius that surfaces long after the sun has set, the “Ante Meridian” floral trend is born from the enchantment that unfolds in the studio after midnight. It draws its energy from our counterparts in the Southern Hemisphere, who burst to life while those in the northern half of the world sleeps in winter’s embrace. Our trend forecasters have predicted a pull toward avant-garde Australian-style blooms in 2024.

Picture the “Ante Meridian” style as a polychromatic palette featuring rich gem tones, a captivating sea of flashing neon lights pulling you in. Designers curating this trend seamlessly weave luxurious orchids, larger-than-life garden and reflexed roses, and towering spires of foxtail lilies into their arrangements and installations, throwing out dominant rules of scale followed by designers in North America. It’s not just about the colors; achieving this look demands a harmonious dance paying equal attention to the presence of draping, swirling, reaching, fluttering and dispersed shapes within individual compositions, often leading to a larger overall theme.

Florist @flowersbyellipaige Venue @nedlandsyachtclub Stylist @thebibapproach Stationary @naomibdesigns Hire @theeventmill @sideserve @heart_strings_hire_n_style Celebrant @thetilerswife_celebrant Lighting @festoon_lighting

For retail florists daring to disrupt confines, this style invites experimentation with unconventional color combinations, asymmetrical designs and vibrant enhancements in bouquets—a vivid manifestation of contemporary floral artistry.

Rob Gooljar IRIS blossom
Rob Gooljar from IRIS blossom

Wedding florists, step onto the boundary-pushing stage with gravity-defying installations, distinctive and dramatic bouquets, and wild wearables. The “Ante Meridian” style is a vessel for creativity, infusing nuptials with extraordinary touches. Reflexed and curled roses, with ample stem length preserved, take center stage, celebrating the magic that unfolds when artistic expression knows no limits, especially in the predawn mystique.

jonathan adler MUSTIQUE collection
Jonathan Adler MUSTIQUE collection

Beyond the brilliant qualities this trend can infuse into retail and wedding floral design, the true genius of “Ante Meridian” can be appreciated best within the creatively unrestrained world of corporate event and editorial floristry; no longer will predictable and commonplace blooms cut it for brands aiming to make a splash. The “Ante Meridian” trend becomes the ideal vessel for designing floral masterpieces at branded pop-ups, trendy bar spaces and captivating floral art displays for print media. Get ready to witness a floral revolution in which creativity takes the lead and rules are mere suggestions. “Ante Meridian” is set to redefine the floral fashion landscape in the most extraordinary way.

wallflower_floral design
wallflower_floral design

INSPIRATION: Queensland, Australia’s Gold Coast region

COLOR PALETTE: Polychromatic gem tones

FLORAL ELEMENTS: Orchids, garden and reflexed roses, Eremurus, Pacific Hybrid Delphinium, Amaranthus, pepperberry

IDEAL USE: Brand partnerships

Princess Dazzle bracelets by Fitz
Princess Dazzle bracelets by Fitz
Creative Colorful Spherical Glass Vase, blak outlet via Faire
Creative Colorful Spherical Glass Vase, via Faire