Yellow roses are often overlooked, so we are championing the ‘Beatrice’™ (Auslevity) rose by David Austin Wedding Roses, particularly as the company refers to her as their “B”-happy rose. Now, more than ever, we know that a little bit of happiness goes a long way, and happiness definitely resonates through flowers.

So to fill your heart with some joy, we introduce ‘Beatrice’, who is a ray of sunlight as her blooms open to reveal her shades of warm buttery-yellow petals with blonder-colored outer petals. Her beauty is also demonstrated through her perfume, which is full of myrrh and hints of fruit and almond, as if smelling a complex fine wine.

Yellow has become the color of spring and summer – the happy seasons – and it brings energy and aura as well as a laid-back vibe, so it makes us wonder why it isn’t as popular as other colors. Here are some styling ideas that champion the underestimated yellow hues and how they can simply uplift one’s mood with their citrusy and sunny tones.
As the sun streams through the window and the birds are singing, open the window wide and let the outside in. Here ‘Beatrice’ is partnered with daffodils, white butterfly Ranunculusand hellebores. Fresh and vibrant, you can feel and smell the spring season as well as see it.

While socializing is off the agenda, and social distancing has become the new norm, we reflect on small, intimate gatherings. ‘Beatrice’ is at the center of our al-fresco summer styling (opposite page, top and bottom right), simply arranged in a kaleidoscope of bottles on an old wood table, surrounded by an array of mismatched chairs. An impromptu celebration to be savored by friends and family. Sometimes less is definitely more.

Flowers can often surprise us in their chameleon abilities, and above, ‘Beatrice’ did just that. Pink and yellow – not a classic color combination – and yet partnered here alongside her sister rose, ‘Constance’ (Austruss), the effect is quite special and unexpected. A basketful of happiness to devour.

‘Beatrice’ is leading the way with her “B”-happy message and styling versatility, and she is unashamedly championing the yellow rose and other flowers with full vigor and strength of spirit that you would expect only from the color yellow. Our “B”-happy message from us to you.

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