Your “Make It Work” Moment

Rochelle Leigh Wall

Abbey McAfee Daigle

Lori Berry Parten

Courtney Cook Wiley

Pamela Talley

Katie Koch

Kelly Thomason

Jen Cummins Linehan

Things have changed rapidly over the last few months. What was working for your business last year most likely won’t work the same way this year. Wedding-focused businesses may face a longer period of uncertainty than brick-and-mortar florists; however, every business owner and all employees will have to adapt.

Right now, I’m seeing florists who are solving problems for customers by creating new offers: no-contact deliveries, weekly floral delivery subscriptions, small wedding packages and even custom gift baskets. (Where there’s a challenge, there is often opportunity.) One thing that’s clear to me right now is that we should be celebrating the successes of our colleagues who are finding ways to make it work.

For example, Mother’s Day turned out to be a huge success for many florists across the country. Sales were better than anyone expected. Some designers said they had never worked a Mother’s Day yet had dozens and dozens of orders this year. One longtime florist reported that her sales were up 26 percent. Another florist did 300 orders from her dining-room table!

Whether you had a booming holiday or not, this is a good indicator for the floral industry. The unexpected increase in sales indicates that people are paying attention to how flowers play a role in their lives and what local businesses are offering. This provides you with opportunities to develop and grow relationships with these consumers.

You can create the need for flowers on a regular (non-holiday) basis by keeping track of the consumers who are interacting with your business right now. The customers who appreciate what you do will develop a connection to your business, your brand and, frankly, you as a business owner.In short, there is potential.

Customers are telling us they recognize the heartfelt connection that flowers can bring to their loved ones. Flowers are still how we celebrate and say “I love you.” So keep doing beautiful work!

Mother’s Day Follow-up Tip: Reach out to everyone who ordered from you this Mother’s Day, and reach out to them again next April to ask for the sale. Remind them what they ordered; e.g., “Last year you sent a $75 vase arrangement. Would you like to do the same this year or upgrade to $100 and add some chocolates?”First, make a connection. Then, make a sale!

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