Weddings News & Events And it’s going to make your bridal shower so much more fun. The Society Blooms with DIY flower truck. All photos by Jessica Mader Sitting around for hours watching the bride open gifts isn’t exactly a bridal shower guest’s idea of a good time. Their reward? Too often, a cheap-o plastic goodie to take home that they’ll probably toss anyways. Society Blooms with DIY ’s Jessica Mader knows that the traditional bridal shower model is changing. That’s why she’s here with her brand-spanking new, roaming floral truck to relieve you of planning — and your guests of boredom. Growing up working in her mom’s flower shop, Society Blooms owner Jessica Mader’s roots in the floral business run deep. What started two years ago as a boutique floral design business with a unique DIY element has evolved. Now it consists of a brand new roaming floral truck, which embarked on a maiden voyage to the West Chester Restaurant Festival this September. Even more adorable, this business is still a Mother-Daughter affair, with Mader’s expert-florist mom helping out at events. The Bloom Bar includes seasonal stems based on your party’s specifications The greenery-filled truck can bring a DIY arrangement set up, or “Bloom Bar,” straight to your venue for any type of event, whether it’s a bridal shower, a birthday, or even a bachelorette. This sweet set-up includes French market buckets, benches and risers, and all the tags and trimmings needed for the arrangement workshop of your choosing in an ancillary location. And, Mader can work with you to teach pretty much anything at your workshop. Options range from shrunken apple heads for a Halloween-themed bash, a “Build your Bouquet” bar, flower crowns, or smudge sticks to cleanse all that wedding planning stress away. A smudge stick […]