Like a rose between two thorns: Chairperson of the BWG Downtown Revitalization Committee, Councillor Gary Baynes is joined by BWG Mayor, Rob Keffer to award Linda Donaher of Linda’s Floral Design as the winner of the 2019 Window Decorating Contest. Dave Kramer for BradfordToday. After almost a decade of lighting up special moments in Bradford, Linda’s Floral Designs lights up their Christmas spirit to win the 2019 downtown storefront window decorating contest. “Like a rose between two thorns”, Chairperson of the BWG Downtown Revitalization Committee, Coun. Gary Baynes joked as he alongside BWG Mayor Rob Keffer presented Linda Donaher, Owner of Linda’s Floral Designs with a congratulatory plaque in recognition of her efforts to draw attention to Bradford’s historic downtown core during the holiday season. “We have a Downtown Revitalization Committee that focuses on the idea of bringing people downtown and supporting local business,” said Coun. Baynes. “Although the notice was a little bit short this year, we got the word out and had five businesses participate. Linda’s Floral Designs won by the unanimous decision of our judging panel.” Last Saturday was the Santa Claus Parade and the start of the festive season in Bradford. “It’s an opportunity for residents to come downtown and see what the stores have to offer,” said Mayor Keffer. “They put a lot of work into dressing up their stores and their window fronts,” Mayor Keffer continued. “There are some hidden gems in downtown Bradford, and we want residents to come check them out.” Part of the reason behind the storefront decorations contest was to get the stores some publicity and get people to come downtown to take a look for themselves. “Revitalization is the key word,” explains Coun. Baynes. “Downtown Bradford used to be the hub, but it’s drifted away from that. We […]