Family ties If you hear anyone in the know waxing lyrical about perfumery , chances are they will talk about ‘fragrance families’. To the uninitiated, they’re olfactory subgroups – like floral, fruity, woody, oriental – based on the scents most heady notes, and they make a neat starting point for choosing one to wear down the aisle. First, look at the fragrances you wear on high rotation and pinpoint a common ingredient, overall character or family. “Start with a note that you truly love and that uplifts you: are voluptuous peonies a personal favourite flower? Or perhaps you have always been drawn to the zesty freshness of lemons and limes,” explains Fiona Pereira, national education manager at Jo Malone. “A fragrance consultant will then be able to guide you towards a particular olfactive family and from there you can narrow down your choices.” Something old, something new Wedded to the fragrance you spritz daily? Not a problem. Some clever layering can convert your signature scent into something new. “A classic fragrance can be transformed into something truly bespoke with a little imagination and layering,” says Pereira, noting Jo Malone runs a ‘scent for your wedding’ service for brides-to-be. “It’s a wonderful way to add a twist to an old favourite – the perfect balance of the familiar and the new. Work with a Jo Malone stylist who will be able to identify the notes of a particular fragrance that you are drawn to, and from there can suggest combinations to make it fresher or warmer according to your preference.” Application welcome Just as layering a body cream beneath a fragrance can give it more oomph, so too can anything else on your skin, such as a pre-wedding faux tan. “If you’ve got a spray tan, you can’t spray fragrance […]