“Advancements in flower breeding have produced roses and carnations in hues that might have consumers thinking of “Blue Christmas” in a different light.”

John Regan, M .F. A ., Ph.D., owner of Twisted Stem Floral in Crystal Lake, Ill., joins forces with Florigene Flowers, hybridizers of ‘Moon’ series standard and spray carnations, and Suntory Flowers, creators of Blue Rose ‘Applause’, to create a magnificent holiday arrangement with an unexpected blue-violet color theme. Set against branches of blue spruce and cone-laden white pine in a stunning ceramic art container, the spectacular clusters of roses and carnations, with their unique blue-gene “DNA,” express the grandeur of the season in a more regal way than traditional reds. Color blocking, in conjunction with pillowing technique, provide optimal visual impact for each of the colorfully and texturally intriguing flower types.

Form a ball-shaped wad of florist netting (chicken wire) to a size that will fit snugly inside the ceramic pot. Fill the pot with properly proportioned flower-food solution.

Attach a star-shaped wire wreath form to the top of a footed wire basket with cable ties. The wreath form will ensure that the wire basket will sit evenly atop the ceramic pot, to act as an armature.

Place the wire wreath/basket structure upside down, atop the opening of the ceramic pot. This structure will act as an armature through which to arrange the flower stems, and along with the florist netting inside the pot, it will ensure that the botanicals stay in the position you arrange them.

Arrange individual stems of roses, carnations and blue spruce through the wire wreath/basket armature to create clusters, or groups. Create the clusters at varying depths and heights, creating “hills and valleys” in the design. Complete the shape of the design and fill in open spaces with the supporting materials (spray carnations, Allium seedpods, white pine, tree ivy and seeded Eucalyptus).