With the new decade on the horizon, our minds are on the holiday season—which at BAZAAR Bride and in the wedding industry, is more appropriately known as engagement season. From Christmas through Valentine’s Day, the majority of next year’s brides will get engaged, and our minds are on the looks, styles, colors, and details we’re excited to see in their celebrations. Here, the top trends to keep in mind as you plan your 2020 wedding. Our advice? Tap only into the ideas that genuinely speak to your personal style, rather than embracing them simply because they’re of-the-moment. With that said, should you choose to opt for them all, you won’t be disappointed—trust us. 1 Christian Oth While keeping the environment in mind is something that should never be considered a “trend,” more and more couples are making a concerted effort to lessen the impact their celebrations have on our planet. Couples with the environment top of mind are even opting for completely sustainable weddings, from the food to the flowers. Large-scale event productions take days (if not weeks) to set up and construct, and their carbon footprints are inevitable—from the design and fabrication of tenting, setting up working kitchens where they don’t exist, the shipping of dozens of crates of supplies to another country, and even down to to the plastic water bottles needed to keep a valued staff well-hydrated. Come 2020, many of those once-accepted impacts on our environment will be deemed something worth changing, and planners, designers, caterers, florists, brides, and grooms are all seeking to shift the way we work on weddings in favor of a more sustainable approach. Floral designers are taking some of the biggest strides, cutting down or completely eliminating the use of flower foam (also known as oasis) from their designs, recycling […]