On Instagram , you can find pictures that seem like digital paintings – too pretty to exist in real life. PoPPy Flora and Nature Studio is an artisan flower shop in the heart of Singapore that puts all Instagram pictures to shame. A natural oasis in an urban city, PoPPy is the brainchild of owner and florist extraordinaire Sarah Lim. An advertiser by profession, Sarah Lim began PoPPy without any formal training or experience in floral art creation or management. What’s the one thing that carried her through to the pinnacle of successes, you ask? Just the inherent desire to do something for herself and a strong inclination towards all things nature and flowers, she says. Sarah Lim is not just the creator of one of the most successful indie flower boutiques in Singapore – the fact that her store is Kate Spade’s designated flower store for all events is testament to her growth and progress – she is also the epitome of a self-made, highly determined businesswoman. Building on the success of PoPPy Floral Studio (and flower school!), Sarah has also created an intimate, natural event space at This Flower Haus and hosts a That Wild Flower Child floral retreat. Here’s a glimpse of the insightful conversation we had with her, and a few key business lessons as takeaway from a widely popular florist artisan. Do It For You – Not For Anyone Else After a long and lucrative career in advertising, managing brands such as Singapore Airlines, and AIG, Sarah decided to stop doing things for others, and do something for herself – but what? Something safe, interesting, and also recession-proof . Exploring and expanding her interest in nature, Lim singlehandedly built up her own empire of flowers and gifts . At the start, she didn’t even […]

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