This component design idea, from floral designer Erik Witcraft, AIFD, CFD, off ers myriad options for creating an elegant tablescape that is not only versatile but also easy and fast to create, and it doesn’t require an abundance of fl owers to create an opulent, over-the-top look. An added bonus is that because it comprises relatively small component pieces, it is easier to deliver than a singular arrangement of a similar size; simply pack the individual designs and votives, and assemble the centerpiece on site.

The vintage vases, bottles and candleholders can be collected economically from flea markets and thrift stores, and along with the grand pedestal trays, can be “recycled” over and over, generating rental income each time you use them. And by varying the assortment of botanicals, the color palettes, the vases and bottles, and the placement of the component pieces, no two centerpieces will ever look alike.

Step 1

Assemble a collection of vintage glass vases and bottles (try a variety of colors for additional flair!), and arrange stems of various foliages into the containers first.

Step 2

Next, arrange stems of various flowers into the containers, varying their heights and combinations.

Step 3

Secure a small floral-foam cage (soaked in cut-flower nutrient solution), off -center, into each of two large decorative pedestal trays of different diameters. (You can also use similar pedestal containers, like cake stands.) Attach the floral-foam cages into the trays with floral clay, adhesive dashes or glue dots, double-faced tape, or hot-melt (pan) glue. Stack the two pedestal trays, and design small, low arrangements (of the same botanicals used in the vases and bottles) into each of the cages.

Step 4

Place several of the vase and bottle arrangements, as well as a few votive candleholders, onto the trays in a visually pleasing array.

Step 5

Arrange the remaining vases, bottles and candleholders on the tabletop, around or to the sides of the stacked pedestal trays, to correspond with the shape of the table (rectangular, round, etc.)

Watch an instructional step-by-step design video on YouTube, at