You’ll want to follow this advice. Any entrepreneurial idea that is able to take a slice out of the $55 billion-wedding-industry pie (and that’s just stateside) is officially genius—because, honestly, the size of that pie means there’s plenty to go around. With that in mind, next up in a series we’re unofficially calling ideas we wish we thought of first : Carats & Cake , a digital wedding-planning resource where couples can find the best vendors and venues across the country—no matter where they might be getting married. And the part where the genius thing comes in? Founder Jess Levin understands both our obsession with stalking strangers’ weddings on Instagram (don’t say you’re not guilty), and that when planning what’s meant to be the best day of your life, well, nothing but the best will do. So she combined those concepts and made recently married couples a resource on the site—meaning that you can freely study countless dreamy weddings and find out exactly what vendors and venues were used. Evidently, there’s a lot of learning and discovering to be done on Carats & Cake, but we asked Levin to simplify a little before we dive in and spend untold hours in a fantasy-wedding black hole. Here, she outlines the top five things every engaged couple can learn from those who have already chosen the dress, the florist, the band, and gotten through alive and in love. 1. Delegate to the best (aka get a planner) “Throwing a wedding takes a village, really. While a lot of the couples whose weddings we feature on Carats & Cake clearly have vision, most also worked with stellar talent in the wedding industry to create their events.” 2. The “best” is different for everyone “Carats & Cake represents the work of the best […]

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