They may say April showers bring May flowers, but it’s more accurate to say April pandemics bring summer blooms. With the ominous deck of cards the world was dealt in early 2020, it’s time to start looking ahead to a hopefully brighter summer.

Let us surround ourselves with pretty perennials that will lift our coronavirus pandemic spirits as the globe slowly adjusts to a new normal.

As dedicated disciples of PaperCity ‘s monthly Dear Boyfriend column have hopefully learned by now, the significant other is not only the catchall for gifting all treats and treasures, the main love of your life should be responsible for gifting flowers whenever possible for whatever reason. And often no particular reason.

Another guiding rule of this gift guide series is that stylish, more permanent items that pay homage to flowers in design, print or style make for perfect presents.

As I am a big believer in efficiency, here is a list of recommended flowery finds that will freshen up your summer and score double the gift giving points.

Dear Boyfriend,

Not only is it a time for some cheering up in the form of my favorite florals, but flower packed accessories are the key to bring my post self isolation reentry into society into fashionable gear. The 50 percent capacity now allowed in many public places only means there is more space to display some dramatic floral flair.

A funky and flowery handbag is an ideal gift. Prada’s whimsical silk number with finely stitched roses embellished on the front is far more romantic to tote around on date night than a single stem. The groovy print in Fendi’s Spring/Summer collection is one of those fun screaming handbags that every girl needs.

A floral bauble is bar none the best two birds with one stone gift. Fine jewelry that pays homage to nature’s best blooms also earns plenty of points. Go with ornate, handcrafted creations such as a charming flower vase necklace by Brent Neale or stunning opal statement earrings by Casa Castro. When in doubt go with a classic diamond flower pendant from the iconic Tiffany and Co.

Quirky and fun accessories perfect for spring and summer’s socially distanced soirees will be the uplifting treats we need. A classic scarf with botanical wonders printed on it is the perfect homage to nature’s best treat. A permanent momento created by one of the country’s most notable florists is a sure fire way to achieve giving nirvana. EB Florals , the fragrance collection from florist to the stars Eric Buterbaugh , captures the essence of each flower in a satisfying luxury scent.

The bone chilling boss Miranda Priestly said “flowers for spring. . . groundbreaking.” But yes, Mrs Priestly, gifts of fresh blooms are and always will be a groundbreaking kickoff to any spirited season.

Your eccentric, slightly crazy, and floral favoring girlfriend

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