Christmas is the season off mulled wine, mince pies, Christmas trees, but most importantly family films! From watching the Grinch of Christmas eve, to Mary Poppins during betwix-mas. But why confine your favourite Christmas film to the TV? Related: Make it personal this year with new Next Christmas wreaths, barware and more Sky Cinema has created five cinematic Christmas wreaths with the help of East London boutique florist Rebel Rebel, including a Grinch Christmas wreath! Could you be inspired to dress your door with your favourite festive film or family blockbuster this Christmas? Let’s take a look. Film Christmas wreaths The Grinch Christmas wreath Image credit: Sky Cinema This bushy-eyebrowed wreath is non other than our favourite Christmas villain The Grinch. If you want to recreate your own Dr Zeus inspired wreath Rebel Rebel created the mastepiece using a base of pampas grass, topped with an assortment of bright neon painted leaves and black asparagus for the eyebrows. We don’t think we’ll be seeing on of these on any of the doors in Whoville. Avengers wreath Image credit: Sky Cinema This wreath is one for the superhero fans. Inspired by the smash hit Avengers: Endgame film, Rebel Rebel created the wreath using metallic leaves held by a recreation of the destructive gauntlet. Maybe don’t let your husband or little ones see this wreath, they’ll never be satisfied by a traditional wreath again. Mary Queen of Scotts wreath Image credit: Sky cinema Inspired by Mary, Queen of Scots, this cinematic Christmas wreath is slightly more understated than the others. The wreath is divide by the two power houses Elizabeth I, represented by red and white roses, and Mary, Queen of Scots, with thistles, heather and tartan ribbon. Lego wreath Image credit: Sky Cinema Ribbons and pine cones have been swapped […]