Flowers to give for each occasion A Florist’s Guide With so many different kinds of flowers – and so many rules around flower-gifting etiquette, you’d be forgiven for being at a loss as to which to choose at the florist. Do you opt for whatever you find prettiest, or go for a traditional style to avoid accidentally offending someone? This guide shares the secrets behind choosing the perfect flowers for every occasion. Keep in mind, however, that the ideal flower to give for any occasion is generally the giftee’s favourite – whether it’s gerberas or lilies. Let’s begin by going through an overview of what each colour generally symbolises (though these may be culture dependent): Flower colour meanings Green Green chrysanthemum, a bouquet of green flowers. Green flowers are associated with life, spring, youth and renewal. They can also represent health and good fortune. Blue Pretty large blooming Himalayan blue poppy flower blossom. Blue is known universally as a colour of peace , openness and serenity. They are often gifted as an encouragement to relax and unwind (e.g. to a stressed out co-worker for their birthday). Purple A purple clematis viticella, blooms in a Japanese garden. Purple is a royal shade, symbolising tradition, adoration, dignity and success. As such they are often given as graduation presents. Pink Beautiful pink gerbera blossum Pink is one of the more traditional flower colours and is associated with love, peace, grace, gentleness and innocence. It is often given as an expression of love (familial or romantic). Red Bright red rose In Chinese culture, red is associated with happiness , luck, celebration and fertility. In European culture it generally symbolises passion, romantic love, respect and courage. Orange Orange ball dahlia flower (Asteraceae) in the light of the morning sun Vibrant orange flowers are often […]