Floral-Printed Items | (Source: @dolcegabbana | @fendi) Floral prints and bright colours are pretty much synonymous with the current season. They go hand in hand as the hotter days are incomplete without them. However, don’t mistake this for a trend. Florals are ubiquitous 365 days of the year in the fashion industry. While most flowery patterns emerge during spring-summer, there is no way of defining when you can actually wear them. Available in a variety of shades, textures, prints and styles , these motifs have become a staple in our wardrobe. Moreover, in a city like Mumbai where we are restricted to 3 seasons, this versatile print is wearable throughout.

Looking into the prominence of florals, the motif has a much deeper meaning. Besides the aesthetical beauty it provides, flowers were also used to symbolise femininity—beauty and women. Integrating this into clothing was a representation of the ideal, which lead to its prevalence in various cultures and diversity of the design. Going back in time, the floral fabric saw its origin from the East, mainly in China. One of the first prints on Chinese silk was the peonies, which is a flower native to the country. Through the sale of these expensive and exquisite silk-prints, florals made their way to the West. As a result, the emergence of florals became widespread.

More recently, we see an array of them in endless colours and unique designs in the global fashion industry. Luxury brands such as Dior , Dolce & Gabbana and Hermès capitalise on the popularity and widely feature florals in their seasonal collections. If you are looking for some new additions to update your collection, you are in for a treat. This year designers have whipped up some floral delicacies that will tickle your fancy. We have narrowed down our selection of pieces that are worth the moolah. Scroll down to see 9 floral printed items that are worth the hype:

1. Silk Scarf:

Emulating the East origin of florals on silk, the Hermès scarves are printed on 100% silk material. The use of florals is abstract and random, with a fantastical and cosmic approach to the design where all the elements combined tell a story of its own. The vibrant hues and unique use of florals make the scarf stand out. Moreover, this twilly is the perfect way to add a quirky factor to your outfit, and can be styled in endless ways! Wrap it around your head like a turban as a fun hair accessory, or tie it around your neck for a more sophisticated look. 2. Midi Skirt

The prince of prints, Emilio Pucci does it again with his floral collection. Browsing through will have you wiping out your bank account clean. Tailored from lightweight fabric, the kaleidoscope of prints and Mediterranean colours on this midi skirt makes it an ideal statement piece suitable the season. The floral prints are inspired by Polynesia’s traditional Tapu fabric and are not very obvious due to the psychedelic effect. As […]