For the creative types, happy accidents give birth to beautiful designs. Thanks to over spraying, “metallic leaf” is created, providing floral designers with endless applications. This technique can be applied to paper, leaves and a variety of other surfaces, adding value to your events, wedding and everyday designs.

Step 1

Lay a plastic bag on your work bench. Create a loose ball of OASIS Bind Wire, and spray it with OASIS Colour Regen Metallic Apple Green Ice. Let the paint dry on the plastic bag.

Step 2

Spray one sheet each of cardstock and vellum paper with Design Master Tack 2000 Spray Adhesive. Place your hand inside the plastic bag that has been sprayed. Press the sprayed side down onto the Tack 2000-sprayed cardstock and vellum paper. Pull back the plastic bag, leaving the “metallic leafing” on the cardstock and vellum paper. Repeat this process until desired coverage is achieved. Apply this “metallic leaf” to both sides of one of the sheets of vellum paper.

Step 3

Cut three cardboard circles: two 11” in diameter and one 9” in diameter. Cut 2.5”-diameter holes in the center of each circle. Tear or cut the “metallic-leafed” vellum paper and cardstock into random shapes. Glue pieces of the vellum paper that has the “metallic leafing” on both sides to the perimeter of the 9” cardboard and one of the 11” circles using Tack 2000 Spray Adhesive. Next, continue covering the 9” circle entirely with additional pieces of “metallic-leafed” vellum paper that has the “metallic leafing” on only one side. Finally, cover the perimeter and one side of the second 11” circle entirely with pieces of “metallic-leafed” cardstock. This will be for the bottom of the bouquet.

Step 4

Cut OASIS Bind Wire into 6.5” lengths, and fold each in half. Attach OASIS UGlu Adhesive Dashes around the perimeter of the unfinished side of the bottom 11” cardboard circle. Attach folded Bind Wires to the dashes, varying the lengths slightly. Repeat this process with the 9” cardboard circle. Cover the raw edges of center holes of all three circles with pieces of vellum paper and wherever else needed to cover the cardboard.

Step 5

Tape two 16-gauge wires together with light-green stem wrap. Create four of these units, and tape the four units together with stem wrap, leaving about 5” untaped/unbound at one end. Bend the wires to 90° angles. Place the “handle” (taped wire stem) through the center hole of bottom 11” circle (paper-covered side down), and hot-glue the wires to the cardboard. Reinforce the four wires by hot-gluing pieces of cardboard over them.

Step 6

Stack the circles, hot-gluing them together. Glue the second 11” circle atop the bottom 11” circle, and the 9” circle atop the second (middle) 11” circle.
Tip: If you want to create more dimension, attach twigs or cardboard between the circles as spacers.

Step 7

Arrange the fresh botanicals through the 2.5”-diameter center hole of the circular “collar,” creating a hand-tied bouquet. Bind the stems with OASIS Bind-it Tape. Tuck additional Bind Wires among the flowers. “Fluff” the Bind Wires around the perimeters. Place the bouquet into a 7”-tall glass vase.