As florists, we deal with a lot of potential waste from the boxes and packaging that our product is delivered in. I’ve made it a challenge of mine to find different ways that I can re-use and recycle not only the flower boxes, but all the packaging and packing materials that come along with a beautiful delivery of fresh product! In today’s video, I wanted to share 4 quick ways I like to re-use these materials, extending their use and making sure they don’t end up in the landfill!

…And don’t forget, if you aren’t going to re-use or repurpose – make sure to recycle and compost all materials that you can! 🙂

Let me know if you have any special uses for flower boxes and packaging!

Also, here are tutorials for mechanics and/or components that were mentioned in today’s video:

Cauterizing Flowers for Gluing –
Midollino Extender –

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