Today, Wildflower Media, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based publisher of trade magazines and books for the floral industry, announced the sale of its 120+ year-old brand Florists’ Review, along with its additional titles, Superfloral and Canadian Florist, to FUSE Media+. Wildflower Media will continue publishing book titles for the floral industry. 

Upon completion of the transaction, Sarasota, Florida-based FUSE Media + will own and modernize print publication of these floral industry titles, with a focus on expanding and developing their digital assets as well. Florists’ Review has served the international floral industry since it began as The Weekly Florists’ Review in 1897; with Canadian Florist as the 100-year-old voice of Canada’s floral and garden industry; and Superfloral as the monthly business publication for supermarket, mass-market and other high-volume florists. 

 “I am honored and feel a great sense of responsibility to move these brands forward for the florists, the growers, the craftsmen and for all of us to have beautiful flowers in our life,” said Jules Lewis Gibson, President & CEO, FUSE Media +. “Florists’ Review is a title that florists keep to share with clients for ideas and inspiration. It’s exciting to have an audience that appreciates the beauty of print.”

 However, Gibson says while print is a vital part of Florists’ Review, it is just the beginning.  “We are expanding on the large and engaged online audiences of Florist’s Review, Superfloral, and Canadian Florist. Through Facebook groups, Instagram contests, YouTube educational series, and more, we are committed to creating a thriving and vibrant community for the global floral industry.”

Jules Lewis Gibson

Jules Lewis Gibson, President & CEO, FUSE  Media+

Known for publishing high-end, luxury magazines, Gibson entered the media business with the purchase of Florida Homes Magazine in 2011. She soon founded FUSE Media+ as an umbrella company for her growing titles, which included GRAVITAS Magazine, an innovative, award-winning women’s title, as well as Florida Boating and several custom publications for the real estate and travel industries.  

Her prior experience owning an advertising agency, coupled with her artistic eye and marketing savvy, has proved excellent training for the 21st-century media business. She holds an abundance of hands-on experience and proven success in all mediums, from online and print to radio and television. Her keen understanding of the advertiser’s perspective and marketing trends is invaluable as she navigates the media business’s changing landscape in this digital age.