With their wide range of warm colors, these long-lasting flowers are the perfect blooms for the autumn season and all its holidays.

Lilies are among the most recognizable flowers on the market today. For decades, they have been top-selling cut flowers thanks to their long-lasting blooms, year-round availability, fragrance (or not; lilies offer the option) and wide spectrum of fantastic colors—especially for the fall season! 

For your clients’ autumn decorating and celebrations, showcase a range of rich burgundies, deep reds and scarlets; soft peaches and apricots, vibrant oranges and tangerines, and rusts and terra-cottas; and yellows ranging from lemon and sunshine to egg yolk and golden. And don’t forget the complex multicolor lilies—red-orange, yellow-orange and golden-orange blends; red/yellow and orange/red bicolors; and even the red- and rust-speckled ‘Tango’ series. 

With more than 90 species in the Lilium genus, Asiatic and Oriental hybrids are the most prolifically used in the florist trade. However, new releases and advances in lily breeding offer consumers even greater options in stem length, flower shape, size, color and scent, with new hybrids such as OT (a.k.a. Oriental/Trumpet or Orienpet), LA (Longiflorum/Asiatic) and LO (Longiflorum/Oriental).

Brush up on your lily knowledge to improve your offerings, compete in the marketplace and stay current with social-media-trending flowers.