Author: Keith Loria

Up, Up and WAY Away

Describing herself as a “seasoned entrepreneur,” Desiree Ontiveros has more than a decade of experience in the luxury lifestyle and fashion worlds, has found success in the balloon design business. Find out more here…

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Celebrating Life’s Special Moments

Learn how Canadian Florists created a successful business by creating arrangements, “you would not see in a grocery store or anywhere else. They’re more stylish, they have more unusual flowers, they have more of a variety of flowers. And they’re put together in a very artsy way.”

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Color My World

Systemic racism has become a topic of primary interest around the nation. As headlines blare news about racial disparities in the society at large, businesses everywhere are asking themselves two important questions: What inequities exist in our own organization, and how can we rectify them?

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Rebel Girl Floral

Rebel Girl Floral is not your traditional flower shop. At least that’s the belief of owners James and Sothea Keller, who wanted to create something different when they started the Long Lake, Minn.-based business in 2019.

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