Thanksgiving dinner is all about the food, but fall gatherings are a perfect place to showcase fall blooms as part of a put-together tablescape.

Jen Knoche, floral director at Strack & Van Til grocery stores, says bright colors are all the rage this year as we head into late fall and winter.

“I’m seeing a lot of people gravitating toward sunflowers, so we’re using those a lot,” she said. “We also use some funky new items sometimes, such as kangaroo paw and other unique fall flowers we throw in there as well.”

Along with the bright colored sunflowers and gerbera daisies, Knoche said burgundy is in high demand this year.

“The burgundy is really in right now; I would say that’s the top color of 2020,” she said.

Strack & Van Til offers a wide variety of grab-and-go mixed bouquets as well as full-service floral design.

“All of our designers in store are trained and very skilled designers,” Knoche said. “We have the capability of doing everything a florist can. Our customer service is really top notch. Customers are starting to see that we are Best of the Region and No. 1 in the area.”

For customers who want to indulge their creative side, Strack & Van Til provides a selection of flowers and containers for a stellar DIY project.

“We sell containers, and we have a three for $12 consumer bunch section. This is one of our top-selling categories,” Knoche said. “Lilies, hydrangeas, spray roses, gerbera daisies; a lot of customers really enjoy mixing and matching, getting a little creative to their centerpiece or even to give as a gift.”

Along with the wide selection of flowers, Strack & Van Til has a wide variety of containers in seasonal colors such as pumpkins and fall-colored glassware.

Beyond arrangements, Strack & Van Til designers create all types of interesting displays.“We do Thanksgiving centerpieces like candle arrangements and cornucopia arrangements, which make great centerpieces for holiday parties,” Knoche said. “For gift giving we have poinsettias and Fannie May chocolates, and balloons make great kids gifts.”“We’re just trying to come up with new and innovative things that typically customers would go to a retail florist for. We’re just trying to show everyone that we can.”Merrillville Florist and Tea Room has a Thanksgiving special in partnership with the Gourmet Goddess.“For $100 including tax and delivery, it includes a Thanksgiving floral arrangement and a cheese plate for two,” said owner Cindy Lopez. “We figured it’s a way you can send friends and family something special if you can’t get together or a nice gourmet treat for those who are hosting.”The shop is offering a variation on it popular Easter Bunny deliveries from spring — Thanksgiving Turkey deliveries.“My husband dressed up as the Easter Bunny and did all our deliveries,” Lopez said. “People got such a kick out of the Easter Bunny deliveries. The amount of emotional value that held for people was so […]