Blending rustic and contemporary aesthetics results in a versatile design with diverse appeal.

Tightly bind Japanese maple tree branches to create a natural free-form structure using rebar tie wires and a rebar tie-wire twister. NOTE: You also can use paper-covered wire, regular florist wire or cable ties. Anchor the branch structure upright in a floral-foam-filled container (OASIS Midnight Floral Foam is used in this design).

Wrap lengths of paper-covered wire around the medium glass test tubes, just underneath the lip of each tube. Wire the test tubes onto the branch structure (four are used in this design).

Insert three jumbo glass test tubes into the floral foam, one on either side and slightly in front of the branch structure, and a third behind the structure, slightly off center.

Fill the test tubes with flower-food solution. Place a single ‘Miyabi’ Wabara Garden Rose into each of the water tubes. Arrange stems of Euonymus and Pieris (or botanicals of your choice) to create a brambly thicket at the base of the design.

We don’t tend think of rustic and contemporary as compatible design aesthetics, but this arrangement has elements of both. Using coral-bark Japanese maple branches, floral designer Erik Witcraft, AIFD, creates a woodland structure on and around which he arranges Alexandra Farms’ frothy peachy-pink ‘Miyabi’ Wabara Garden Roses in glass test tubes, which introduce a contemporary touch and showcase the roses’ spectacular beauty. The resulting composition is not only natural and brambly but also elegant and modern – as well as appealing and salable.

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