Harlow wreath £125, Browning medium lantern £41, Browning small lantern £31 all available from Neptune, www.neptune.com Our gardening expert Victoria Truman tells you how to bring in a little Christmas cheer from nature’s rich seasonal bounty Berry reds and greens take centre stage in December in the garden and in turn these colours can be brought inside and used to add to your Christmas decorations and festive cheer. Here are my favourite tips and tricks for making your home a beautifully natural winter wonderland courtesy of the seasonal gems in your garden: Red hot A favourite of many is the rich red euphorbia pulcherrima, better known as poinsettia; the colour sings with Christmas cheer and, with it being a time for entertaining, these plants also make great hostess gifts instead of bringing the traditional bottle of wine. Have a few in stock to give to loved ones and it makes for a nice break from the oodles of sweet treats we have at this time of year. Meet me under the mistletoe Keep your schemes bold and full of impact by using plenty of the same type of plant around the house as you would in your garden. Mistletoe (viscum album) is a great centrepiece for kissing under! Make this extra large and tie with a big red bow to hang from the ceiling. The cheeky evergreen is as much an emblem of Christmas as the tree itself. Buy fresh and also use some poked into your wreath, following the theme through into your house. Good golly it’s holly Holly (ilex aquifolium) is perfect for wreath and garland-making; a favourite of mine is the Silver Queen, which has a cream margin on its leaves, making it look frosted. For an option which is not as sharp as traditional holly, […]