“Nothing says spring has sprung like nature’s choreography of butterflies dancing with newly opened blooms.” 


Windflowers (Anemone coronaria) from The Sun Valley Group; anglojap yew (Taxus x media) and 3” butterflies on wires from suppliers of your choice; 2” by 4” Antique Teal Frost Cylinders (set of six) from Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies; Oasis Aluminum Wire (Turquoise) and Oasis UGlu Adhesive Dashes from Smithers-Oasis North America.

An eyeful of butterflies and flowers can be a joyful and mesmerizing sight, but it often doesn’t last as long as any of us would like – until now. You can capture the essence of this spring tradition with this airy composition of florals, which has the implied movement of butterflies swirling and fluttering their wings overhead. The composition is happy, festive and seasonal, and it’s charming for all types of occasions and events. Imagine it as a Mother’s Day offering in your shop, a table centerpiece at a spring or summer luncheon or even a cheery bouquet for a hospital patient (yes, the containers are adhered together to create a single unit!).

Follow these simple steps by floral designer Lori McNorton to create delightful indoor butterfly gardens for your customers.

Step 1: Attach adhesive dashes at two locations on the rim of each cylinder vase, at the spots where the vases with touch.

Step 2: Gather all six cylinders into a circular formation, and press the adhesive dashes together to create a single composite container.

Step 3: For additional security and decorative appeal, firmly bind the collection of vases with decorative wire around its circumference.

Step 4: Form a series of loops in various sizes, at different heights and in different directions, from a length of decorative wire, to form an armature through which to arrange the flowers. Bind the wire armature at its center with another piece of decorative wire.

Step 5: Secure sections of the wire armature in several places to give it stability. Place the armature atop the collection of vases.

Step 6: Add flower-food solution to the vases, and artfully arrange flowers through the openings in the wire armature and into the vases, creating a natural, free-form, organic design. Secure butterflies to the armature, among and above the flowers, in random but artful placements