An enchanting floral display inspired by one of summer’s most succulent fruits—a concept that provides myriad opportunities for creating festive fall and winter tablescapes.

Floral design, photos and text by Paulina Nieliwocki

Blue Jasmine Floral

Berkeley Heights, N.J.

Presented by Rosaprima

Drawing inspiration from the color palette found on the outer skin (exocarp) of succulent peaches, I created this composite floral display with roses and spray roses in juicy hues of peach (‘Phoenix’) and soft creamy peach (‘Sahara Sensation’), accented with vibrant orangey coral (‘Glam’) and light sienna (‘Moab’) roses. Red crape myrtle reflects the carmine blush that indicates a ripe peach’s readiness for harvest, and a sprinkling of white Ranunculus evokes fresh dew drops and imparts just the right amount of crisp brightness among the other soft-to-saturated hues.

This design concept can take inspiration from any multihued fruits and vegetables and is ideal for creating festive seasonal and holiday tablescapes. For fall and winter, think mangoes, pears, kale, winter squash and pumpkins, and even root vegetables including turnips and rutabagas; potatoes, sweet potatoes and true yams; and even beets, carrots/parsnips, and radishes—if you can find different varieties in a range of colors.


Step 1

Place crumpled chicken wire into several low, rectangular containers (about 4in. high), and secure it with clear waterproof tape.

Step 2

For a floral installation or display, arrange pedestals and other fixtures of varying heights in a formation of your choice, and then place the containers on the fixtures, ground, tabletop, etc. Arrange stems of red crape myrtle to establish the shape and size of the arrangement in each container, creating cohesive movement, flow and connectivity among all of the arrangements.

step 2

Step 3

In each container, arrange several stems of ‘Moab’ roses in an asymmetrical pattern, creating height and dimension. Strive to create cohesive movement, flow and connectivity among all of the arrangements. Save some of these roses for the final step.

step 3

Step 4

Arrange stems of ‘Sahara Sensation’ spray roses to begin filling out each arrangement.

step 4

Step 5

Layer stems of ‘Phoenix’ roses into each arrangement, to add fullness and volume.

step 5

Step 6

Add a pop of color into sections of several of the arrangements with stems of ‘Glam’ roses. I chose not to add these vibrant roses into each arrangement.

step 6

Step 7

Layer in a few bright white Ranunculus and additional ‘Moab’ roses, to add a final bit of volume and dimension to each design. Style the display with fresh or faux peaches and other appropriate props, if desired.

final design



Rosa spp. ‘RP Moab’ (RP Exclusive Rose)

Rosa spp. ‘Glam’ (garden-like rose)

Rosa spp. ‘Phoenix’ (garden-like rose)

Rosa spp. ‘Sahara Sensation’ (spray rose)

Ranunculus asiaticus ‘Elegance Bianco’ (Persian buttercup, Italian Ranunculus)


Lagerstroemia indica (crape myrtle, red)


• Rectangular planters, cement and clear plastic (average size: 12 inches by 4 inches)

• Sparta Pedestals from Accent Décor

• OASIS Florist Netting (chicken wire)

• OASIS® Clear Tape (1/2 inch)

Floral Design by

Paulina Nieliwocki

Blue Jasmine Floral

Berkeley Heights, N.J.