New for this year, floral industry members can now access a comprehensive marketing TOOLKIT provided by Certified American Grown. By leveraging these resources, participants can enhance their promotional efforts, engage with their communities, and spread awareness about the value of supporting locally sourced, sustainable floral products.

July is American grown month

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Celebrate American Grown Flower and Foliage Month This July  

Toolkit Now Available for Farms, Vendors and Designers 

United States – Now in its ninth year of celebration, July marks the annual celebration of American GrownFlower and Foliage Month. This month-long celebration of U.S. cut flower and foliage farms throughout the country marks the coming together to honor the beauty and significance of flower and foliage farmers here in the United States; recognizing and elevating the contributions of farm families, the teams they work with, and the economic contributions made to domestic economies, all by providing high-quality, beautifully grown domestic products. 

The annual celebration was created by Certified American Grown (CAG), the only trade association focused solely on promoting and advocating for the domestic industry and its interests, and its members. Since 2017, American Grown Flowers and Foliage Month has been a time when retailers around the country celebrate with special promotions and activities. Farms host special events and workshops, sell unique and celebratory bouquets, and consumers are encouraged to support homegrown farms by looking for the Certified American Grown seal when purchasing flowers and foliage for their homes, offices, events, and celebrations, throughout the month and all year long. 

Camron King, CEO & Ambassador for Certified American Grown, notes, “the annual celebration of American Grown Flower & Foliage Month is an important component to celebrating America’s month, the entire month of July. This is a special month where flower and foliage farms in every state in the U.S. are in bloom and production, and there is no better way to celebrate than to purchase local, American-grownproducts from our farms, by asking your local florist or retail store to carry and support American-grown, or to give the gift of U.S. flowers to friends and family. Many do not realize but, unfortunately, many of the flowers and arrangements sold in grocery stores and through florists are imported, and this is a month to shine the light on the importance of supporting homegrown flowers, foliage, families, and communities.

New for this year, vendors and farms now have access to a comprehensive TOOLKIT provided by Certified American Grown. This toolkit includes graphics, social media campaign materials, statistics, facts, and more to help promote American Grown Flowers and Foliage Month. By leveraging these resources, participants can enhance their promotional efforts, engage with their communities, and spread awareness about the value of supporting locally sourced, sustainable floral products.

 During this month, let’s take the time to explore the abundance of American Grown Flowers and Foliage available to us. Whether you visit a local farmer’s market, support a nearby farm’s floral shop, ask for American Grown at your wholesaler, or look for the seal at your local retailer, let’s revel in the beauty of these homegrown treasures. By doing so, we not only surround ourselves with nature’s splendor but also uplift the hardworking individuals who bring these blooms to life. 

Join us in celebrating American Grown Flowers Month by sharing your favorite floral discoveries, supporting local growers, and spreading awareness about the importance of sustainable, locally sourced flowers and foliage. Together, we can make a difference and cultivate a blooming future for our nation’s floral industry. 

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About Certified American Grown. Certified American Grown is a diverse community of cut flower and foliage farmers from across the United States. As the voice for domestic farms, CAG works towards sustainability and prosperity through a unified voice, effective advocacy, and strategic promotion. Certified American Grown flower and foliage farms participate in a supply-chain audit to verify both origin and assembly of the flowers and foliage grown. When it appears on bouquets, bunches, packaging or signage, the iconic brand mark instills consumer confidence in place of origin. For more information about Certified American Grown, visit

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