ST. PAUL, Minn. (Oct. 20, 2020) Chrysal International is announcing a partnership with Verdant Technologies™ to bring a step change solution to the floral industry. This new product, a 1-MCP-based solution, will be available across the industry’s international markets with initial focus on Colombia, one of the largest floral growers in the world, and Miami, one of the largest receiving areas in the United States for floral products.

“Chrysal International is committed to offering innovative solutions for the floral supply chain, from growers to consumers. Through our partnership with Verdant Technologies, we are expanding our product offering to our customers and are able to explore new possibilities in the industry. It is exciting for us to be part of this new venture,” said Peter Vriends, CEO of Chrysal International, the worldwide market leader in flower food and post-harvest flower and plant care.

For Verdant Technologies, an emerging leader in the biotechnology industry, a partnership with Chrysal is an exciting introduction of HarvestHold™ to the floral market segment.

“Chrysal has a long history of providing premium flower care products with proven results for growers, packers, supermarkets, florists and consumers. This along with Chrysal’s mission to reduce waste in the horticultural supply chain make their partnership a natural fit,” said Gordon Robertson, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer of Verdant Technologies™.

Chrysal and Verdant Technologies are actively working together to bring a patented 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) based solution to market that delivers superior stability, efficacy and consistency throughout the horticultural supply chain.

“1-MCP has proven to be the most effective tool to extend the quality of fresh cut flowers and potted plants to date,” said Jon Fobes, President of Verdant Technologies. “What Chrysal and Verdant are developing is a shelf-stable solution and superior delivery method for 1-MCP. Our product is extremely reliable, easier to store, does not require wetting and can be applied where it is needed throughout the supply chain process.”

Chrysal and Verdant Technologies have focused their technologies around the 1-MCP product’s flexibility, which will allow Chrysal’s global customer base of growers and packers to spend more time getting more product to market and lessen the impact of horticultural wastage.

“Chrysal is a global company. The flexibility of our product makes it a global product with the reach and ability to be applied anywhere in the world at any step of the supply chain process,” said Robertson. “We have ideas. Chrysal is aware of the challenges in the industry. By working together, we can solve the immediate needs of their customers and develop future solutions to make the global floral industry more efficient, sustainable, and deliver better quality products.”