A perfect container for every floral composition is just a spray away.


Sometimes we need a reminder of the power of color. Relying on a clear glass vase or a neutral-hued container to fill an order can become routine. But as an integral part of a design, vessel color provides opportunity for more visual impact. A container consciously chosen in a hue that either coordinates with or contrasts the color palette – and textures – of the floral materials chosen can make more harmonious and grander statements with your arrangements.

When you don’t have a container in the right color or finish, turn to your favorite DESIGN MASTER color tool sprays for quick and easy solutions. Specifically, übermatte Sprays, available in 12 trend-focused colors, enable you to transform the color, patina and finish of virtually any container, including glass. And they deliver a smooth, scratch-resistant finish with an ultra-matte (flat) sheen.

Here, floral designer Lori McNorton, owner of Blooms on Boswell in Topeka, Kan., demonstrates how to update and customize vintage milk-glass containers using übermatte MIST so that they’re ready and appropriate for, say, a garden party or alfresco dining.


übermatte Spray (MIST) from DESIGN MASTER color tool; ‘Princess Hitomi’ Japanese Garden Roses (Rosa spp.) from Alexandra Farms; ‘Majolica’ spray roses (Rosa spp.), snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus), carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus), florist silver dollar / silver-leaved mountain gum (Eucalyptus pulverulenta ‘Baby Blue’) and seeded silver dollar gum (Eucalyptus polyanthemos) from suppliers of your choice; milk-glass pedestal bowl and vases from flea market; masking tape from hardware or home-improvement store. 

Step 1

Prepare the stem and pedestal of milk-glass pedestal compote for color enhancement by taping the top of the stem and the underside of the bowl.

Step 2

Following the instructions on the übermatte Spray can, apply two coats of übermatte MIST to the exposed stem and pedestal base, allowing ample time for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat. übermatte Sprays are fast drying.

Step 3

Spray an assortment of milk-glass bud vases with übermatte MIST to create a collection of coordinating containers. Because the bowl of the pedestal compote has been left white, use a mix of MIST-hued and white milk-glass vases to accent the two-tone compote. Also dust a few sprigs of foliage to be used in the arrangement with übermatte MIST to incorporate that hue into the design, creating additional harmony.

übermatte MIST

Although it’s not white, cream, brown, camel, gray or charcoal, übermatte MIST is color neutral because it pairs subtly with so many hues and palettes. Its pale, muted complexion is a feature of color neutrals. This hue is being used on more and more consumer goods, which gives it recognition. And übermatte’s rich matte finish will add a modern direction.

The flowers used with übermatte MIST could be a mono-chromatic, textured collection of heather and lavender tonalities, an analogous gathering of pinks, corals and peaches – or anything, really. That’s the beauty of this hue!

Five Tips for Using übermatte Sprays

In need of a “vase lift” or a little “palette punch”? The importance of being able to alter a container color and finish should not be downplayed; it’s as important to an overall composition as the flowers and foliage selected. A designer should never feel restricted if and when the vessel with which he or she is working lacks the desired finish required to take the design to its optimal level.

Here are tips and recommendations from Design Master pros on how to optimize use of übermatte Sprays.

  1. Place containers on an inexpensive plastic turntable or lazy Susan for easiest color application.
  2. For optimal coverage and durability, apply two coats of übermatte Spray.
  3. For the strongest adhesion and scratch resistance, let tinted containers dry thoroughly, from 12 to 24 hours, depending on room temperature and humidity level.
  4. übermatte Sprays dry fast, allowing colored containers to be handled and worked with quickly; however, for optimal efficiency, spray containers for special events ahead of time.
  5. It is best not to place color-finished containers into a floral refrigerator. If you’re making designs ahead of time, store them in stock vases in the refrigerator, and transfer them to the color-finished containers just before delivery.

DESIGN NOTE: Use übermatte SALMON, shown here, with bright pink, raspberry and fuchsia hues. It’s not a color neutral story; rather, it’s about how the color of the container can add to the story.

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