A modern arrangement style, incorporating
grandma’s beloved garden roses arranged in
a classic container, is a floral representation
of the trendy “Grandmillennial” décor style.

The “Grandmillennial” décor style, which is currently having quite a moment, comprises a blend of elements from two generations: “Grandma”
and millennial (yes, it’s a thing). It is associated with the affinity that people in their mid-20s to late- 30s have for décor items from the past (e.g., Grandma’s needlepoint, chintz prints, lace, ruffles, etc.) and their yearning to assimilate those items with more modern items that are reflective
of their tastes, lifestyles and generation – to create looks that are totally unique to them.

In that vein, Portland, Ore.-based designer Erik Witcraft, AIFD, created this “new traditional” design, which blends elements that are both time-honored and modern: garden roses (vintage/heirloom yet trendy) arranged in an updated topiary style (classic and contemporary) in a timeless urn-style container, with an abstract canopy of branches at its apex. This floral interpretation of the Grandmillennial décor style checks all the boxes.

STEP 1: Soak a brick of OASIS Midnight Floral Foam in flower-food solution, and place it vertically into an urn-style container. Secure the floral
foam into the container with OASIS Waterproof Tape.

STEP 2: Arrange straight willow branches vertically into the floral foam in the container to create a column of branches.

STEP 3: Create a canopy-type grid near the tops of the vertical branches by weaving several shorter willow branches horizontally through
the vertical branches, at varying angles, directions and heights, and binding them to the vertical branches with brown OASIS Bind Wire.






STEP 4: Arrange ‘Golden Mustard’ and ‘Juliet’ garden roses vertically among the willow branches, leaving them tall but at slightly varying heights
so that each has its own space.

STEP 5: Arrange several stems of Dianthus ‘Green Ball’ at the base of the arrangement.

STEP 6: Arrange sprigs of Italian Ruscus and plumosa fern at base of design. Insert one long piece of Italian Ruscus into one edge of the floral
foam to curve outward and upward into the top of the design.

STEP 7: Color enhance three stems of Sea Star Fern with Design Master’s Rose Gold Premium Metals spray and Just for Flowers Purple Pansy spray dye. Allow them to dry, then arrange two stems into the base of the design, and place one into the top of the design.