“Blending nontraditional botanicals and hues can create a modern aesthetic for fall and winter weddings” 


This hand-tied bouquet utilizes an armature (cage structure) formed of Oasis Florist Netting as its core mechanic. Bouquets for fall weddings don’t have to be limited to traditional autumn hues and seasonal botanicals like Chrysanthemum, fall-colored leaves and pumpkins. Instead, create a sumptuous bouquet like this, in which both temperate and tropical blooms are blended as well as a rich analogous combination of tints, tones and shades of red and orange.


This bouquet, designed in an Oasis Round European Bouquet Holder, showcases transitioning colors and textures to illustrate fall to winter aesthetics. Displaying the essence of the season, this bouquet eff uses a nostalgic and romantic lightness with a presence of senescent (maturing) botanical materials. Neutral pampas grass and globular papery starflower pincushions mixed with the richness and ripeness of the aubergine color of Cymbidium orchids and lavender Anthurium tell a seasonal color story.


Winter is best illustrated by”less is more.” Art is often conveyed by distilling a concept to its pure essence; reduction often brings clarity – a minimalist approach. This bouquet illustrates the crossroad of the elements line and form. It also reflects the beginning of the flower season. Poppy buds and the oneness and twoness of blooms bring anticipation of the start of a new season.

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