In 2019, Bentonville florists Bloom Flowers & Gifts designed an arrangement inspired by Gene Davis’ "Black Balloon" (above). This year, they’re challenged to interpret James Henry Beard’s "It Is Very Queer, Isn’t It?" (right) in florals. (Courtesy Photo/Daniel Moody) James Henry Beard (1812-1893) Reflections on Darwin 1885 Oil on canvas "Every arrangement has its own special ‘wow factor’ — from the smallest one to the biggest one," Moira Anderson enthuses. She’s talking about the floral arrangements that will fill the galleries for the third annual Art in Bloom celebration March 20-23 at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville. Anderson is the assistant manager of adult public programs at the museum and has seen the weekend grow from engaging six local florists for the inaugural event to 16 designers this year. FAQ Art in Bloom WHEN — March 20-23 WHERE — Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville COST — Free INFO — 418-5700, FYI There’s More! • The workshop led by Bloom designers during Art in Bloom weekend is already sold out but, as of publication, there are still limited tickets available for the museum’s annual Ikebana Flower Arranging workshop on March 22, led by Chikako Usui, a certified instructor of the Ikenobo School of Ikebana in Japan. $45-$55. • Art in Bloom also takes place in concurrence with Spring Break Specials. Families and visitors of all ages can stop by the drop-in studios during Art in Bloom for activities themed around spring break and flowers. "The material is so familiar and accessible to a lot of individuals. I think there’s an automatic draw to being able to take a natural material, something that is so beautiful, and wanting to create something out of it that is completely brand new," Anderson muses. "And when it translates into this […]