Mar 15, 2020 at 7:01 AM Talk about wedding stress! This is not a crisis over a dress or flowers. The coronavirus has caused the cancellation of countless events. What if it’s your wedding? For that matter what if another emergency came up that puts your special event into question. What do you do? How would you handle that? It is a confusing and very emotional situation. So, should you cancel? If the wedding is a large gathering and happening within the next week or so, the short answer is yes. As the country and, indeed, the world is trying to contain this virus from spreading, it’s not wise to have large gatherings of people. Follow guidelines issued by your local community or state officials. They are keeping track of cases in your area. That doesn’t mean you still can’t get married. Paring the event down to those closest to you, if you know they haven’t been exposed (at best guess) and just including those who are deemed healthy and the least at-risk is one viable alternative. If someone at risk is a parent or other close person, that could be a deal breaker. The couple themselves may have been exposed, and while most people don’t get sick or die from it, they could transmit it to someone else. Clearly, this is a very difficult decision. And the decision may not even be in your hands. It is not only up to the couple, but the venue, musicians, officiant, DJ, photographer, florist, caterer… any and all the people involved who may want to decline. And of course, you can elope! (Hey, give me a call!) This speaks to a larger issue as well. And that is facing adversity as a couple. When you plan a wedding, you should also […]