Katherine Craft runs Florist in the Forest, a thriving independent floral enterprise located in the idyllic woodland surroundings of her home in Broadwater Forest. Eileen Leahy discovers how Katherine’s lifelong love of flowers has translated into a blooming business As this month is both our Valentine’s issue and bridal special, what better than to include a feature on a florist in the pages of SO magazine? Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a very special one after discovering her beautiful creations online. Katherine Craft – AKA the Florist in the Forest – has wisely chosen her business’s name as she, quite literally, is a florist living in a forest. She works from a gorgeous timber-frame, purpose-built studio located in the serene surroundings of Broadwater Forest, just a few steps away from the family home she shares with her husband and four-year-old son. On the day I visit along with our shoot team, some much needed winter sunshine is streaming down, casting shadows on the tall trees that surround Katherine’s floristry HQ, and on meeting her she certainly looks to be in her element as she prepares pretty seasonal bouquets for a client’s celebration dinner that weekend. As I step inside her welcoming studio I immediately fall in love with the space as it’s a veritable treasure trove filled not only with delightfully scented fresh floral blooms including hydrangeas, hyacinths, tulips and ranunculus all over the place but also lots of vintage vases, piles of pampas grasses and eye-catching decorative curios all neatly displayed on open shelving, accessories which Katherine says come in very handy for styling up her flowers for different occasions. In addition to this there are lots of thank you cards pinned to linen noteboards and a collection of industry awards. Business therefore seems to be […]