Floral design is a very visual medium, and of
all the social media platforms out there,
Instagram is probably the most visual.

Add the two together, and you have Derek Woodruff, AIFD, PFCI, CF’s motivation for starting to use Instagram back in 2014. “I knew I should be using Instagram as a social media marketing tool because our industry is so visual,” says Woodruff, who’s a florist and founder of the recreational floral design subscription company Floral Underground in Traverse City, Mich. “It was an easy way to showcase my work as well as whatever else
I might be doing in the industry.”

With nearly 2,200 followers, Woodruff does all the photos and captions on his Instagram page. He uses it to promote his business, events and workshops as well as to spotlight his floral designs. And for that, he said, it’s worked wonders.

“Instagram has been a great way to advertise events and workshops that I might be doing and to connect with other designers around the country, and it’s truly a great portfolio showcase of what I do,” Woodruff shares. And after his Main Stage presentation, “20/20 Perspective,” at the American Institute of Floral Designers’ (AIFD) 2020 Symposium “Vision” in Chicago (July 2-7), which will showcase his talents along with those of four other AIFD-accredited designers, Woodruff will have plenty of new content to share with his Instagram followers.


Derek Woodruff, a florist and owner of the recreational floral design subscription company Floral Underground in Traverse City, Mich.

why we like it

Simple and straightforward, Woodruff’s Instagram presence keeps followers up to date on some of his latest designs and floral endeavors, including competitions he’s been in and awards he’s won.

strategy? what strategy?

Some folks take a formal approach to Instagram. Not Woodruff. “No formal strategy here. I lack discipline when it comes to social media posting, and although I would love to do it more regularly, I just don’t focus on it. I try to keep the top nine squares in my Instagram profile filled with a combination of things that represent me and my brand, such as a post on recreational floral design, a floral design, a plant or terrarium design, something about me as a person or something that I am doing, and things like that.”

what works

“I have noticed that posts about me, in which I bare my soul a bit, get the most attention. People seem to like to connect with other people on a personal level, so when I show myself in a relatable light, those posts garner more interaction, shares, comments and love.”

a post for the books

“One of my favorite and most successful posts was about my participation in the FTD America’s Cup Competition in 2018. That post showed me in the competition and my designs, and people could see the progression and cheer me on.”

tips to try

“Investing your time in a strategy is the best way to use Instagram and achieve success. I can’t say that I always abide by that, but I have seen others’ growth and success from this. If it’s the least that you do, keep your Instagram true to yourself and your brand, for consistency.

see for yourself @floralunderground