Creative Director of Fine Blooms on creating a fine finish

Chloe Szukilojc’s approaches creating fine floral arrangement with a daring eye for the unusual. What do your first 30 minutes of the day look like?

When I am up, I like to head to the gym or clean my house while listening to a podcast. I find this so therapeutic. I love coming home to a fresh, clean house because my days can be so busy that I need to be in a clear space when I return home. I try to take some time for myself in the morning because this is the only time in my day where I able to do so. I have become addicted to podcasts and it allows me the space to not focus on everything else, even for a short time. Tell us about your role as Creative Director of Fine Blooms.

I love my job so much. There are so many different aspects of my role and every day is different from the next. I spend a lot of time sourcing and ordering flowers as most of our products come from our suppliers in Holland. Making sure the flowers are here on time for events and orders is essential. The role is ever-changing, we all help out and work together as a team and this is key for the success of any business. How did you know you wanted to be a florist?

I have always wanted to do something creative. I always excelled in textiles, design and art at school. My passion for flowers came from a young age, and as I grew older, I become more confident in pursuing my dream. Being a florist then, isn’t the same as it is now, back then it would have been very uncommon to leave school and do what I do. Now I think floristry is more exclusive, it’s like an art practice. What has been the biggest challenge since launching and how did you overcome this?

I relocated to Dubai at the end of February of this year and three weeks later, we went into lockdown. Not only was I in a completely new country and in a new role, but also in the middle of a global pandemic. There have been some tough times, but honestly, the good far outweighs the bad. I feel very proud of how Fine Blooms has excelled this year. Which flower is your favourite, and why?

This is honestly the most challenging question, and it changes every season. By the end of the peony season, I’m ready to see something new but when they come back, I’m in love again. That’s what’s so great about my job; things are always changing all the time. Currently, I cannot live without chocolate cosmos. They look like chocolate and smell exactly like chocolate. Which floral trends are the most popular in the region?

Floristry is like fashion, and any other face paced moving industry. Trends are continually changing and […]

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