Emily Ratajkowski Photo: Sophia Wilson This past Sunday afternoon, Emily Ratajkowski held her first-ever event for her label, Inamorata , at a second-floor space in Chinatown. At first, when I got to the area, I was confused if I was at the right building. (There was a trio of women speaking Chinese through megaphones right outside.) But upon entering, after being spotted by a nice public-relations girl, I recognized a very sweet, ancient man who was running the creaky elevator, and I realized that this was the same spot where downtown-beloved label LRS held their spring 2020 show . Basically, Ratajkowski picked a cool place. And the setting could not have been more perfect, especially for Instagram: The room was sun-drenched with arguably the best lighting in New York that I’ve ever seen. You could photograph the walking dead in this room and they’d look radiant and vitamin D–pumped. Ratajkowski greeted her guests in her own design, a clingy white Inamorata bodysuit. Her label that she co-runs with Kat Mendenhall has been churning out new releases this past month that include mini skirt suits and red-hot catsuits. Much of it has been sold out. For this event, she’d be celebrating her launch of earrings and underwire bras with an activity: floral arrangements with Brrch Floral, a company that makes floral arrangements into art by Brittany Asch. Here, guests would have their own personal bouquets made up of roses and orchids, which they themselves would cut and then deconstruct. There was a metal wire that would be wrapped around to fasten the flowers. (Wire is a running theme of the activity, between earrings and the underwire bra.) Admittedly I was wary about this event as I, a bona fide succulent killer, am not one for flora and know nothing about […]