East End Flower Market When it comes to boosting happiness, fresh flowers provide an instant hit. That’s especially true of seasonal offerings, which are all the more special for their limited availability. Floral artisans across the country bringing their own specific twist to bouquets and arrangements. Natives are enjoying a renewed heyday, as are organic and sustainable plants. And if you think that flowers are only for special occasions, think again: the right bloom can elevate your mood entirely, no matter what day it might be. With that in mind, we’ve singled out florists in five Australian cities who are taking the form to the next level. My Flower Man Offering same day delivery in Sydney, this immaculately styled florist and cafe perched on the Bondi-Tamarama border is all about keeping things local. Its sustainable, organic blooms are sourced directly from Sydney growers. Started as an online venture in 2014, My Flower Man now services many prominent city businesses and offers either single varieties or mixed bunches for delivery. You won’t find any over-the-top arrangements here – the speciality is classy and classic, with plenty of crisp whites and muted pinks. 32a Fletcher Street, Tamarama, NSW myflowerman.com.au Tremella Botanicals Rebekah Lee started working in floristry at the end of 2016 with zero experience. Since then she’s trained in London at Rebel Rebel – which saw her style for Selfridges and Bafta – before returning home to work as the in-house florist and stylist at Stones of the Yarra Valley and Meletos where she also styled weddings, events, and the property itself. At the end of 2018 Lee launched Tremella Botanicals, where she puts together stunning arrangements that mix Western and Eastern elements of floral design – particularly ikebana , the Japanese art of flower arranging. With weddings and events […]