The shop’s owner has been making paper floral art for people recovering, mourning or feeling isolated. Being in business for 7 years, this is NOT the first crisis Love, Anji has responded to. (Love, Anji ) April 14 2020 CLEVELAND, OHIO — Small businesses have been faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges over the last two months. While the local community in Cleveland has rallied hard to "Shop Local" and support entrepreneurs in their neighborhood as they try to adapt, it’s hard to be a small business during a global pandemic. But that hasn’t stopped Anji Brooks from continuing to spread happiness with her handcrafted paper flower arrangements. This week, on April 13th, Love, Anji Paper Florist turned 7 years old. How has Anji adapted amid the COVID-19 crisis? She’s been steadily keeping focus on what has always driven her business, sharing JOY. As a close friend once noted, Anji’s paper flowers are her love letter to the world. Brooks said: "My vision for this business has always been to add beauty to people’s day. I pour so much love into each and every one of my flowers and I hope people can feel that. I’m grateful that I’m still able to spread love across the country. Love, Anji On April 13th Love, Anji celebrated it’s 7th anniversary in business. As with all Small Businesses, Love,Anji has seen a variety of iterations over the years. Anji has always loved to have flowers in her home,but suffers from severe headaches when she is around them. This was the original inspiration that got her crafting these beautiful handmade goods in 2012. Starting to sell flowers at pop-up events and flea markets, Anji soon opened up her first kiosk at 5th Street Arcades in Downtown Cleveland in July 2013.The kiosk grew into a […]