Your flower shop can provide a wonderful alternative to the standard fall decorations that everyone else will have. Rio Roses shares five ways to show that your shop can deliver something unique and different, so you can tap into this huge fall decorating market. 

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Fall is a fantastic time of year for many reasons, from the changing seasons to the start of a new school year and the promise of many holidays to come. But fall is also important because it’s the time of year when people fill their homes and offices with fall-themed decorations. And we’re not even talking about Christmas: People start decorating in September and keep at it for three full months before the Christmas holiday!

All those potential customers will likely visit their closest home design store or big box store to purchase decorations. But your flower shop can provide a wonderful alternative to the standard fall decorations that everyone else will have. Following are five ways to show that your shop can deliver something unique and different, so you can tap into this huge fall decorating market. 

1. Offer a Unique Alternative 

While most home décor, big box, and home improvement stores will carry the same types of decorations, your store can do something different. That’s because you can offer unique, hand-crafted, specialty items that other stores can’t. 

Think about the different things you can offer, like wreaths, centerpieces, tabletop designs, entry pieces, and more. Then do your research to see what the home stores are offering and come up with some designs that will show off your unique perspective and creativity. 

2. Stock Your Shop for Fall 

Once you’ve worked out your floral designs, make sure you’ve got all the materials in stock to produce them. But just as importantly, stock up on fall-themed items to add to the flowers and plants. 

Examples of things you can bring into your shop for fall are hay bales, corn stalks, bundled branches, dried flowers, scarecrows, pumpkins, and gourds. Remember, this is in addition to any Halloween-themed items you’ll be purchasing, as fall is a long season!

3. Create a “One Stop Fall Decorating Shop” Display 

Make it easy for people to think of your shop when they do their fall decoration shopping by creating an outdoor display and fall-themed windows. Your display signage should communicate that your store is a one-stop shop for all their fall decorating needs and that you offer unique items that people can’t find anywhere else. 

And make sure to create some stunning window displays to show off your decorating and arranging skills! With an outdoor display and gorgeous windows, customers won’t be able to help themselves from coming in and seeing what you’ve got to offer!

4. Bring the Same Fall Themes Online 

Since so many people shop online these days, share your “one-stop fall decorating shop” message on your website and social media. Update your home page and create a new page just for your fall décor offerings. And if you’re offering any discounts on fall items or delivery, be sure to feature this.

Then spread the message on all your social media platforms, showing your latest designs and fall creations. You can also create a weekly special where you offer a different fall-themed arrangement at a discount. And make sure to send out emails to your entire list, letting them know about your new fall shop.

5. Provide Incentives for Coming into Your Shop 

While getting a lot of online business is fantastic, it’s also essential to have people come into your store to see your displays and designs. Seeing everything you have available in person will not only entice people to purchase but also allow you to create unique designs for their specific decorating needs.

Use your social media accounts to invite people into your shop and create promotions or discounts that they can only use in-store. You may also want to provide a fall decorating workshop with a discount for everyone attending. And post photos of your storefront and windows to entice people even more.

6. Capitalize on Being a Local Business 

As we’ve mentioned in past issues of LivRio, shopping local and shopping small are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with millennials and Gen Z. So, make sure to make this front-and-center on your social media posts. And if you offer locally sourced and sustainably grown products, promote that as well. 

And remember, Small Business Saturday is just around the corner. By marketing your small business now and continuously over the next few months, you can reap even greater rewards on Small Business Saturday in November.

Fall is a favorite season for so many people, and we hope we’ve given you some ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. By tapping into this, you can increase your sales from now through the end of the year and beyond.